Economic and Environmental Impact of Ridesharing Apps in Oxnard

    Living in a large and modern city like Oxnard might mean that you rely on ridesharing services even when you have your own car. In particular, parking can be a major hassle in the city — why worry about driving around to find a spot when you can just call for a ride? Alternatively, you may not even have a car. Why bother paying for insurance and car payments when you can get by just fine using ridesharing apps?

    Others opt for ridesharing services thinking that they’re better for the economy and the environment. After all, using one car to transport several people keeps additional cars off the road, and paying someone to drive you around can invigorate the economy. However, you may be questioning whether these services like Uber and Lyft really do help the economy and the environment, or if they end up being more detrimental.

    Are Ridesharing Services Helpful for the Environment?

    Despite what logic may have us believe or what the campaigns of the ridesharing services might imply, many studies have shown that these services are actually detrimental to the environment. This is because of the sheer number of cars that are constantly circulating along streets looking to fetch a paying customer. Taxis used to stay by their station waiting to be sent to a specific address, but Uber and Lyft drivers roam the streets without pause to look for clients requesting a ride. 

    This has resulted in a severe increase in traffic and congestion in many cities to the point where their presence can make a measurable difference — and not in the right direction. The increased number of vehicles on the road is a direct culprit of the increase in pollution and a decrease in the quality of the air people breathe.

    Another interesting impact of ridesharing services on the environment comes from the fact that their availability seems to have discouraged people from walking, using their bicycles, or taking public transit when their final destinations are just a short distance away, further decreasing the quality of the air and increasing pollution.

    Are Ridesharing Services Beneficial to the Economy?

    Contrary to the detrimental effect on the environment from ridesharing vehicles, their economic impact is much more beneficial. This is because of the fact that cars that would otherwise sit idly in their owners’ garages and driveways are now being utilized as a way to generate income for drivers. 

    As for the users, the fact that Uber and Lyft send their drivers so quickly to pick up passengers makes for more efficient days for those who use these services. However, it is up to ridesharing drivers to set aside enough money to maintain the vehicles and to calculate how many hours or days per week they need to be behind the wheel to make the money they require to live.

    Have You Been Injured in A Ridesharing Accident in Oxnard?

    Uber and Lyft have a solid insurance policy that kicks in whenever there is an accident while the driver is plugged into the system. However, as a passenger, you would do well to contact attorneys for Lyft accident cases to help you fight for your rights and for the compensation you might be entitled to after being injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft.

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