Top 5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Maryland and How to Win Them

    Numerous kinds of personal injury cases arise from the negligent acts of others. When you are hurt in this way, the law allows you to seek compensation for your damages.


    While there are many types of personal injury cases, these top 5 most common personal injury claims in Maryland are the ones attorneys handle regularly.


    1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Since there are so many vehicles on the roads today, car accidents, truck accidents, and other motor vehicle accidents are frequent occurrences. Often, these are the result of distracted driving, which is an act of negligence. In Maryland, contributory negligence makes it imperative for you to hire an attorney — even if you’re assigned 1% of the blame, you may be barred from recovering compensation.


    2. Slip and Fall Accidents

    Every property owner must keep their public or private premises safe for invited visitors. Hazardous conditions can cause serious injuries, whether it’s a wet floor in the supermarket or bad lighting in your apartment’s stairwell. You must prove that the property owner knew of the danger and failed to fix it to succeed in your case.


    3. Product Liability

    Manufacturers, distributors, and even retailers may all be held liable for injuries you sustain from products designed or manufactured with defects. They may also be liable when these products don’t come with adequate warnings about risks. Winning these types of cases is difficult without an attorney who can help prove the link between the defect and your injuries.


    4. Medical Malpractice

    Healthcare professionals have a standard of care to protect their patients. If they are negligent during surgery, miss a diagnosis, or make a medication mistake, you may be able to sue for damages. Medical malpractice cases are even more complicated than product liability, and you’ll want an attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of the laws to retain a qualified medical expert to testify on your behalf.


    5. Dog Bites

    Maryland’s strict liability rule for dog bites means that the dog’s owner can be held responsible, even if the dog never acted aggressively in the past. Contributory negligence also applies in these cases, so you will need to prove that you were permitted on the property and did not provoke the dog.


    How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim in Maryland

    For the majority of personal injury cases, winning means proving the other party was negligent to hold them liable. Some of these cases are incredibly complex, though working with a top personal injury legal team can help you present a strong case to help you get the maximum amount of compensation.


    Additionally, legal representation ensures that you don’t miss key deadlines. The statute of limitations in Maryland is three years for the majority of situations, and while that seems like plenty of time, it will pass more quickly than you think. It also takes time to gather evidence that supports your claims and fairly calculate your financial losses to find a fair settlement.


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