Easy ways to improve your flying experience

    Catching a new flight should always be a happy occasion, as, after all, you are heading somewhere new and exciting. Still, a few stressors will not let you enjoy this experience as you should. All kinds of questions continue to appear in your mind, like: Will my carry-on be overweight? Did I pack the right things? Or will I arrive on time at the airport?

    Then some fears move to when you are boarding the plane, as you can have a not-so-pleasant time, from an overly-talkative seatmate to foot-kicking neighbors. Flying can be stressful, boring, exhilarating and downright scary at times.

    But there are some ways to make the most of your journey and enjoy your flying experience. Keep reading if you want to find them out.

    Prioritize comfort

    You might want to arrive at the new destination looking as fabulous as you can, but this might not be the best option, especially if your flight will take a few hours. So, prioritize comfort and pick the coziest clothing items, such as t-shirts, yoga pants or wrinkle-free trousers. Also, make sure you opt for comfortable footwear. On planes, it is very common to retain water, and your feet and ankles might become sore, so flat footwear or sneakers are the best alternatives for you.

    Additionally, you will need to layer to be warm on the airplane and when you arrive at your destination. Comfort doesn’t only need to be reduced to flying, as it must continue even after landing, especially because you might feel tired. For example, if you have decided to rent a car, you can leave it at LAX airport parking and stay at the hotel nearby. This way, you will rest and be ready to discover the new location the next day.

    Prepare to sleep

    If you are anxious about being up in the sky, you can try to sleep so you will not be as scared. Also, to have an improved experience, you can bring a neck pillow, a good sleep mask and earplugs. To be even cozier, you can take a large blanket scarf, which can be used as a pillow or a blanket.

    Pack provisions

    There are plenty of airlines that provide free meal services. Still, you might not like what is on the menu or what remains when the cart reaches your row. If you add a sleepless night and a potential delay, you will be on your way to a hangry meltdown. So, make sure you play it safe and bring some snacks to eat in case you need more food. If you pack snacks in advance, you will keep impulse purchases to a minimum, saving costs.

    Think about what you will do when you arrive

    If you have a long flight and don’t know what to occupy your mind with, you can also think about the activities you will do once you arrive. No matter the city you choose to visit, you will surely have plenty of exciting experiences to try and places to see. Also, you might want to maximize your travel time. For example, do you want to avoid staying in huge queues? Then make sure you book tickets for museums in advance. Or do you want a car to wait for you at the parking Newark airport? Then, ensure you book a vehicle to have better flexibility and see all the locations you have in mind.

    Stay hydrated

    On your flight, you should have water to remain hydrated for the whole flight. But you should also keep in mind to hydrate your skin. The skin can suffer when flying, as the recirculated air on airplanes is very drying, and you will also have a decreased blood flow, as you are at a 30,000 ft altitude. You can bring something to moisturize your skin and lips, and if you don’t want to carry plenty of items, you can go instead for a refreshing mist that will do the job.

    Bring your headphones

    You should bring your headphones to be able to connect to the inflight movies and have a better overall experience on the flight. But headphones might also be your best ally, as they can defend you from chatty neighbors. Having the headphones on will surely send a clear message that you are not available for conversation and would like to remain unbothered.

    Make your luggage easy to spot

    It is also important to find ways to improve your experience after landing, and making your luggage easy to spot can help you in this matter. You surely don’t want to leave with the wrong piece or miss your suitcase, especially after a long flight. This is why, if you have a common luggage color, like brown and black, you can add a distinctive tag or a colorful ribbon to spot your luggage quicker.

    Book connecting flights with plenty of time in between

    Even if an airline sells you a ticket within an hour’s connection, no one can guarantee you will arrive on time to catch your other flight. This happens because you need to do other things, like navigating different checkpoints or collecting your checked bags.

    For instance, travelers arriving in the US need to follow a clear set of duties, go to different terminals, and the entire security process, which can take a while. In most cases, airlines consider you responsible for arriving on time at the gate, so make sure you keep this aspect in mind when preparing for the next destination.

    Are you ready to improve your flying experience?

    Flying by plane is the most popular alternative at the moment, so you will find yourself flying many times to see a new destination. This is why knowing the best ways to improve your flying experience is important.

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