E-Bikes vs. Traditional Bikes: What is the Difference

    E-bikes are the new black! This is also why people always have questions about the efficacy of electric bikes. If you are wondering whether you should go for an e-bike or opt for a regular cycle instead, then you are here at the right place. We will discuss how e-bikes are different from traditional bikes. Read on to learn more and decide which bike is the better option for you. 

    Mechanics and Bike Appearance

    Referring to the mechanics of an e-bike, it runs on a chargeable battery. Similar to a mobile phone, you can plug it in and have the cycle charged. The recharge time for an e-bike is approximately 3 hours. You will have full control of the motor and mechanics of the e-bike. The engine of the e-bike can be adjusted and re-adjusted according to the intensity and speed of pedaling. The additional features of the e-bike depend on the brand and style you opt for. Typically, the extra features, such as GPS and fitness trackers, are also included.

    Referring to the appearance of the e-bike, it resembles that of a regular bike. A common myth about e-bikes is that it works like electric scooters. This myth is debunked as it is essential to know that e-bikes are like regular bicycles with an electric motor.

    The wheels and handlebars of the electric and regular bikes are similar as well. The mechanical elements of both types of cycles are identical as well, including brakes and pedals.

    The only difference between both types of cycles is the presence of an electric system in e-bikes. The electric system of e-bikes includes a battery to power the motor and a display screen.

    Bike Maintenance

    As mentioned before, the essential components are similar for both bike types. This aspect includes the looks of both bikes, which is essentially the same. That being said, bike maintenance will also remain similar for both. If anything goes wrong with the brakes and wheels of the e-bike, you can take it to a regular bike shop and have it fixed. The cost of bike maintenance will somehow remain the same too. The only difference lies in the electric components that are an integral part of e-bikes. If something goes wrong with the electric elements, then you will have to take it to the e-bike specialist to have it fixed. Usually, e-bikes come with a warranty, which means that the failure of the electrical system in e-bikes is rare.

    The Experience of Riders

    Let us talk to the most significant concern for al: what about the riding experience? How does it feel to be on an electric bike in contrast to riding a regular bike? The straightforward answer is that the riding experience of an e-bike is far better than riding a regular bike. This is how it works. You will basically start pedaling the e-bike as you would do with a regular bike. The powered motor kicks in and the transition from manual to motor will be so smooth that it will hardly be noticeable.

    Compared to a regular bike, the riding experience will be more comfortable. You will be having a gentler pedaling experience while riding up the hills without breaking a sweat. The speed of an e-bike depends on how fast you will be riding it. Once the motor has kicked in, you will be going up to 25 km per hour. That being said, if you will want to go even faster, then the motor will shut down, and your legs will be doing the magic for you. Contrary to the myth, the engine will not help you to ride faster. The speed will depend purely on your pedal power. 


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