Dress Code in Casinos

    Casinos are often portrayed in films as filled with suit-wearing high-rollers with a blonde women in evening gowns draped across their arms but the reality is usually very different from the movies. While Las Vegas and other gambling meccas evoke ideas of luxury and affluence, most of today’s casinos are very casual and certainly won’t turn you away if you show up at the front door without a jacket.

    There are limits, of course. Shoes are always a must and certain dress, like beachwear, may get you the boot. Certain casinos will have slightly stricter dress codes and some will have VIP rooms or special events where more stringent dress codes are enforced. Make sure to research the casino you plan to visit to confirm you are not running afoul of any ground rules.

    Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind as you plan your next roll of the dice.

    How to Dress at Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City

    American casinos in gambling capitals like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are very casual when it comes to attire. Las Vegas casinos in particular are filled with many tourists trying to beat the heat in shorts and t-shirts. Certain items like beachwear or highly revealing attire may not fly in certain establishments but most any other garb is perfectly acceptable.

    While most casinos have eschewed the suit-and-tie dress code, except in certain VIP functions, some casinos will try to enforce a more “smart casual” look, meaning pants or jeans with button-down shirt, polo, or cardigan for men and long pants or nice skirts and button-down blouses or dress tops for women. This is often the case after 6 pm, when player attire tends to start trending toward evening wear.

    How to Dress at Casinos Around the World

    As a general rule most casinos don’t have a highly strict dress code but many casinos in Europe and overseas do try to enforce a “smart casual” look. Certain casinos in London, Australia, and Asia require men to wear jackets. When traveling overseas, it’s always best to research or call ahead to make sure you avoid an international incident.

    Many casinos overseas are located at resorts or on cruise ships. In most of these cases, a pair of shorts and t-shirt should get you in without a problem. As a general rule of thumb in most other cases, generally casinos will have no problem with long pants and a polo or button-down shirt for men and a dress or skirt/pants with a blouse or sweater for women.

    Wear Your Pajamas To The ‘Casino’ Instead

    Depending on where you live, you could also choose to skip the wardrobe decisions altogether and wear your pajamas to one of the many online casinos available right on your computer or mobile device. In states like New Jersey, where online gambling was legalized several years ago, virtually every casino offers many of their gaming options online. Online gambling in NJ isn’t limited to slots or video poker either, these sites offer table games, poker, blackjack, and some even have live dealers so you can enjoy as much of the full casino experience as possible right from your couch. Players have to be located inside state lines and adhere to all state laws to play, but many other states have already introduced legislation to jump in on the action as well. Online casinos are also available overseas.


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