Double Happiness: 5 Benefits of Riding Tandem Bicycles

    Tandem bike is a unique choice for a buyer. It’s suitable for those who are looking for something exclusive for themselves and their partner, or the whole family.

    In many European countries daredevils have already acquired this non-standard transport, but almost in all large cities such bicycle can be rented. Also, cycling fans use tandem for original wedding photoshoots or romantic dates, which leaves a loving couple a lot of positive emotions and memories.

    Tandem bicycles began to appear in 1898. After the creation of single bikes, the inventors didn’t use the time and immediately began to search for modifications of two-wheeled vehicles.

    Tandem bikes were actively used during the First and the Second World Wars. Then they created joint bicycles for entire military units. Accordingly, such bicycles withstood enormous loads, because such a number of soldiers had a weight of about 700 kg!

    It’s also interesting that the “penny-farthing” model (with large front wheel) also turned into a tandem, but it’s difficult to talk about a comfortable ride on such bicycle.

    General characteristics

    Tandem bicycle, as a rule, has a length of 240 cm, and its weight is about 16-20 kg. During the ride, both passengers spin the pedals, but only the person who sits in front controls the direction of movement, responsible for the brakeage and gearshift pattern.

    The rear seat passenger is called a stoker, he just spins the pedals and can take photos. His handlebar is rigidly fixed to the bicycle frame and installed only for support. For the stoker riding may seem a bit uncomfortable, because he doesn’t see the road and any pebble or inequality will seem unexpected.

    The best option for travel

    Tandem is a double bike, ideal for couples who like to ride together, but have varying degrees of strength or endurance. For example, tandem will be a good option for a husband and wife who want to travel together, but worried that one of them won’t be able to keep the pace of the ride.

    Tandems are fast

    Tandems are so fast that a pair of non-professional cyclists will outrun a bicycle racer along the smooth road. Two bicyclists are the power of two hearts. Tandem bicycle is the fastest two-wheel thing! Tandems outrun everyone in downhill race. The double weight of riders and only a single aerodynamic resistance allow the tandems to race downhill like a stone.

    Work in a team

    The ability to share bicycle duties is a big advantage, especially in tourist trips or biking tours. The function of the captain is to run and survey the road. The second person also must be a full participant in the movement, but not a burden or long-suffering slave. He can give information on the traffic situation and cars, show road turns, help to slow down, watch the cargo and take photos.

    The way to get closer

    Tandem bicycle – this is the strongest way to test for psychological compatibility. And also this is a reliable method to bring people together and break the ice of aloofness that is peculiar to unfamiliar people. Everyone leans toward pair formation. And a real tool for bringing people together within a couple is a tandem ride. Click for more tips on how to come close with a girl.

    Available for everyone

    Also even physically-disabled people can take part in bicycling. For example, weak sighted people can try to ride a bike, sitting in the back. And someone who isn’t very confident in keeping his balance or fear will be able to trust the person who is sitting in front.

    Riding around the city on a tandem bike or double competitions are sure to bring people closer. If you have a loved one, think about buying a bicycle, because it will give you fun and unforgettable experience.


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