Don’t Break The Bank: Hair Removal Numbers & Figures To Get Smooth

    The Lucy Peters Smooth Studio & Aesthetic Center in NYC continues their historic reign as the “hair removal experts” with their exclusive 100% guaranteed permanent hair removal Smooth System by Lucy Peters. They have recently released an exclusive info-graphic breaking down the facts, figures and numbers behind the hair removal benefits.

    Lucy Peters is a highly-accredited name and internationally recognized for the only FDA approved technology available throughout the industry. Lucy Peters may provide a menu of other skin solutions, techniques and customized treatment plans, not just promising, but guaranteeing the most desired, optimal, and above all smoothest results. With a wide range of non-invasive procedures, top-qualified physicians offer a consultation to begin the official smoothing process. It’s time to bare it all-literally.


    The info-graphic starts off with the basics including:

    A single hair has about a lifespan of 5 years.
    Growth rate for human hair is about 6 inches per year.
    Hair removal is the 4th most common minimally invasive procedure.
    The FDA approved the use of commercial lasers for permanent hair reduction in 1997.
    The number of hair removal procedures performed in the US increased by 47% between 2000 and 2011.

    The Common Treatment Areas for Hair Removal on Women include:

    • Upper Lip
    • Chin
    • Underarms
    • Arms
    • Bikini Area
    • Legs

    The Common Treatment Areas for Hair Removal on Men include:

    • Sideburns
    • Face
    • Chest
    • Back
    • Abdomen
    • Arms

    The Top 3 Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal:

    1. Time Saver
    2. Smoother Skin
    3. Saving Money

    Let’s Do The Math..

    The average woman spends an average of 10.9 minutes per shave.

    Shaving approximately 3X per week (130.8 minutes per month).

    Totaling 58.4 Days.

    This equals an estimation of 7,718 times a woman shaves in her lifetime!

    Between the cost of shaving products alone, women may spend up to $15.87 per month as the common median. Times that for the year, you have a total of $190.44.

    In the span of a lifetime, the average lady is looking to fork over $10,207 just on shaving products.

    However, there are cost-effective alternatives. Using the same basic principles and logic, waxing may run you about $23,000 a lifetime while Laser or Permanent Hair Removal reaches only a mere $3,000 for a smooth, hairless and ageless skin.

    The Lesson To Be Learned?

    The patented “The Smooth System by Lucy Peters” leads the forefront of the aesthetic industry with 100% guaranteed hair removal!

    • Effective
    • Safe
    • Pain-Free
    • Permanent, Quality Results
    • No Skin Damage
    • Any Area of the Face & Body
    • Any Hair Color/Type & Skin Tone Including Gray & Vellus (Peach Fuzz)

    Even if you have been subjected to previous hair reduction treatments which didn’t work, the Smooth System is still an extraordinary option to enhance the surface of your newly found hairless skin and give you an extra boost in confidence.

    Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center consists of more than just skin solutions like waxing, laser hair removal, and of course, the coveted Smoothing System by Lucy Peters in NYC.

    Don’t conceal. The Smooth System by LP affords you the opportunity to reveal your most beautiful, natural and smoothest self!

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