Do You Know Who You Are Talking To: Bots in Adult Chat, Online Chat and More

    Why you should leave the adult chat to actual adults, and keep those pesky bots at bay. 

    Artificial intelligence has changed the way so many of our daily interactions take place. Specifically when it comes to chatbots. Chatbots are incredibly useful when it comes to customer service. These specific software programs are specially designed to respond in the same way a normal human would, helping to collect a large amount of data and collate it into algorithms that can help troubleshoot without the need for a live person to help. 

    As technology progressed, chatbots became even more human-like. From spitting out tidbits of information that could potentially be useful to anyone who used them, to scanning keywords, storing data, and using sophisticated natural language processing to create the illusion that your chatbot was in fact, a real person happy to help with whatever it is you need. 

    Despite their infinite usefulness in customer service and information acquisition surveys, chatbots have actually infiltrated interpersonal communications, like adult chat and online chat. This poses some pretty serious implications for anyone who has been paying attention. The main function of a chatbot is to collect and retain the information given to it. Now imagine that your wildest sexual fantasies are being collected and retained… you can see the problem. 

    Why Adult Chat Should Stay Adult

    Outside of chatbots being incredibly pesky in online chat rooms, filling comment threads and chat rooms with annoying spam and advertisements, they are also used in phishing programs- designed to get people to reveal important personal information, like bank account details. 

    “Probably the worst thing about a chatbot in adult chat is that no matter how sophisticated the programming is- they can’t really offer intimacy or empathy.” Says a spokesperson of Indian Sex Talk, an online adult chat and phone sex company in India. “Some people view our business model as outdated because we refuse to ever offer our clients anything but real human interaction. But we understand that so many people are looking for a safe space and genuine affection. You’ll never get that with a bot.” 

    The company says that they also have strictly confidential billing processes, and take their clients privacy very seriously. Which means that using bots to retain any sort of personal information from their clients is a no go for the company. Even if it means that they appear to be behind the times with technology. “We use technology only in the ways that it improves our customer experience. Web-based calling, online chat- these serve to improve access to our services for everyone. The rest we leave in the capable hands of our operators.”

    While many people don’t seem to mind speaking with a chatbot about delicate matters, recent surveys suggest that some even prefer it. Focused on the assumed anonymity as opposed to what it is that they’re really supplying. In a recent study by Ubisend, 69% of their participants said they would consider talking to chatbot before speaking with an actual person. However, many of these statistics regard the use of help chatbots, not adult chatbots. 

    Changing the Technical Landscape

    It should come as no surprise that thanks to technology, people are becoming more comfortable connecting via text. Whether it’s social media platforms, messaging services, or good old’ SMS, text is quickly beginning to trump real conversations. Which can leave some people with a growing sense of discontent. Creating a sense of anxiety and loneliness. 

    In fact, many psychologists press that human interaction is necessary to our survival and overall well being. Specifically in a country like India, where despite its massive population and dense cities, sexuality and human interaction can be difficult to come by. “We find that many of our patrons are just lonely. They need someone who is willing to listen to them. To really care about what they have to say.” The company also says that they extend their services to alternate sexualities, which has created a safe haven for people who would otherwise have nowhere to go. 

    “You won’t always be able to find someone who you can talk to about your personal brand of sexuality, heterosexually or homosexually. India still remains a very tight-lipped country when it comes to matters of sex. We want to encourage people to find happiness and explore themselves in healthy ways.” Indian Sex Talk hopes to create conversation with people all across the globe, giving anyone a kind ear when they’re in need. Giving people the foundation they need to go out and create lasting and respectful relationships. 


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