Decorating Tips for a Romantic Home

    Romance isn’t something that simply happens by itself. You need to want it and to create it. When you’re in a relationship, it’s sometimes hard to be romantic after you had a long, exhausting day at work. But it could be easier if you are surrounded by things that inspire romantic evenings, long talks and cuddling.

    Your home is the place you will most comfortable in, so it’s only natural you fill it with romantic items and design it in a way that will awake only gentle feelings in you and your partner. Here are a couple of tips on how to decorate your home so that you can spend quality time in it with your beloved.

    The bedroom

    The bedroom is the room where the magic happens, so it would be your focus when you start decorating your home. It’s the space you share with your partner and feel relaxed, so pour your heart into it.

    Stick to soft textures and ornate touches. The whole room should have a luxurious vibe – it puts you in the right mood the moment you step into it.

    For instance, a beautiful ornate ceiling fixture, accompanied by pendant lights and cute bedside lamps will allow you to light up the room any way you want it. Several smaller sources of light will add a romantic glow, and if you install a dimmer switch, then you’ll get yourself a perfect romantic atmosphere in the evening.

    Red is known to be the color of passion, but you shouldn’t use it too much in the bedroom. Instead, stick to a few red or pink accents. For example, add a few red pillows, a cover or red frames on the bedside table.

    The bed is the focus of the room, so get a comfortable duvet, ruffled bed skirt, add a lot of throw pillows and shams and make it a cozy, romantic spot. In most cases, you can’t go too far with decorating the bed because it’s romantic to go just a bit too far. And finish the whole look with an ornate headboard – make a glamourous statement of it.

    On the other hand, you can go for a canopy bed. Hidden behind silky drapes, you will feel sensuous and spoiled, unwilling to ever leave the bed.

    Lastly, adding a string of white lights above the bad will complete the romantic setting. You don’t have to have a romantic dinner to enjoy the warm lights similar to the candlelight.

    The living room

    After the bedroom, the living room is the other room where you relax and spend pleasant, romantic moments with your partner. Whether you’re watching a film together, watching the fireplace with a glass of wine in your hands or simply laying on the sofa and cuddling, the comfort of the living room can add to the romantic setting.

    The moment you enter your home, slip into your soft pair of slippers waiting for you by the entrance door, which should be instantly locked with a security bolt lock to provide you with maximum privacy. You need those moments after work with your partner, so don’t anyone disturb you.

    Make the whole room cozy and comfy by adding a flat-weave rug. If you want something smaller, then add layers – use several smaller rugs to create a cozy feeling.

    Instead of simple linen curtains, hang velvet drapes or heavy curtains. They create a glamorous effect in the room and hide you from the privy eyes from the outside.

    Avoid harsh overhead lighting in the evening. Instead, get table lamps with warm LED lights to achieve a candle-lit glow.

    The sofa can be upgraded with a slipcover in some warm color, made of a soft fabric so that both of you can be tucked in under it.

    Lastly, add a few personal photos around the room. Frame your favorite photos where the two of you are happy and together – it can be your favorite holiday or a party or even your first picture together as a couple. Use a big, flashy frame to put it into focus.

    The bathroom

    The bathroom is another cozy and romantic room when you think about it, right? Whether you have a bath or a luxury shower, there’s nothing better than enjoying it together.

    Add a few aromatherapy candles in the bathroom – different scents incite different feelings, so choose them carefully. If you don’t want to use the candles all the time, add a nice nightlight with low wattage. Unique items like a wax burner can also be used as a dim lamp creating just the right atmosphere.

    Hang two bathrobes of the same type, made of warm, cozy fabric.

    Even the towels should contribute to the relaxing feel of the bathroom – opt for soft shades and fabrics.

    Don’t interrupt the mood when you step out of the bath or shower onto a cold, damp bathroom floor. Place a plush bathmat on the floor instead.

    All in all

    The details are what makes a home truly a home. When you’re sharing your home with your partner, many details need to reflect the romantic atmosphere and the love between you two. In that case, your surroundings will contribute to the two of you feeling relaxed and happy together.


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