Benefits of Getting a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business


    Call forwarding and IP telephony services support every virtual phone number. Meaning, wherever your business is located, you can receive all calls, even if you’re not using a traditional telephone. This process is the best solution for online stores or for offices that have bases in different parts of the world.  

    Virtual phone numbers cut out long-distance call charges by functioning as a local landline. Calls will get routed to the business’s actual phone number.

    How can a business benefit from a virtual landline?  

    Aside from avoiding possible long-distance charges, here are other benefits the business can enjoy when they subscribe to a virtual landline. 

    Unite the workforce with one business number 

    If your business operates in different locations, it can be challenging to use a traditional phone system. In this case, each business location has its phone system supported by various service providers. These different phone systems may not be compatible with one another, resulting in the disconnection of workforces in different locations.  

    A virtual landline, however, can unite a distributed workforce in different geographical locations with one business number. 

    With the use of your phone service’s cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) component, the call can reach the intended receiver regardless of geography. 

    With virtual phone numbers, out-of-the-office employees can still be contacted for as long as they remain connected, via the Internet, to the primary phone system. 

    The business can also create departments and teams with one virtual number. You can assign a specific number to a particular department, and set up a queue for all incoming calls to be chronologically or simultaneously routed to different department members.  

    Adding remote work capacities to your business  

    Another advantage of having virtual phone numbers is allowing businesses to offer remote and flexible working options to their employees. Since your employees can be accessed anywhere with a virtual number, working out of the office is possible.  

    In the process, your employees are also given business opportunities outside the physical office, without fear of missing calls or not using the company virtual landline. On top of that, your business can implement the BYOD or bring-your-device-option. The money for device provisioning can instead be utilized for other business expenses.  

    Get the best talents for your business.

    Now that your business supports remote work set-up, you can also widen your human resource efforts exponentially. You can open job vacancies through the World Wide Web. Plus, you can also conduct the hiring process online. 

    Even if your newly hired employees work remotely, they can still access your company phone numbers for as long as they have the Internet.  

    Use virtual landlines as a tool to measure performance. 

    Virtual phone numbers can be used to measure sales performance and the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. All you have to do is assign a phone number to a specific campaign. No need to connect it to your business’ main phone number. With this, you can easily count the number of leads, inquiries, and calls the campaign generated. 

    Aside from that, you can use these numbers to conduct market tests. You can run an ad in different cities, and assign phone numbers for each town to see where most of the calls are coming from. The test results can help you come up with improvement ideas. 

    Now that you’re convinced of the need to subscribe to a virtual landline, it’s time to talk to the experts. Give Talkroute a call today and give your business that boost it needs. 

    Whether you’re looking for 800 numbers, local numbers, toll-free numbers, or vanity numbers, Talkroute is sure to help you out. 


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