Countries That Are Vaping Friendly

    For all us vapers out there, a common question that needs to be asked is whether you can travel abroad with your vape gear.  Even with the summer travel season behind us, it is important to know which places you can bring your juice and device. Although laws and regulations are constantly in flux, the US is currently fine with vape and traveling with it.  On airplanes for example, there are laws concerning the number of ML that you can safely carry in your carry-on luggage but keeping juice in your check-in is fine. Below is some information on some other countries.

    • United Kingdom: Once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, the enforcement of the law of TPD will cease. This means that new laws will surface. So far, the UK has the loudest voice on the legalization of vaping. Therefore, the new laws may be in favor of the residents.
    • China:  China has been a trailblazer for the emergence of the e-cigarette industry, the country is about to add vaping to its ‘permissible’ list. The support of the manufacture, importation, and use of disposable vapes and similar products is an evidence. Nonetheless, a few neighboring countries hold contrary views about the device except the Philippines, South Korea, and Asia.
    • New Zealand: Upon the recent intention to regulate the sale of vaping devices and accessories, New Zealand has joined the league of countries in support of the device as well. In Russia, e-cig products are unregulated and highly renowned. To improve the crackdown on smoking, there is an increase in tax on e-cigarettes. Even though these countries permit vaping, there is a need to be conscious of the environment. Similar to tobacco, certain areas will prohibit the use of the device just like cigarettes. Therefore, keep an eye out for clear rules and guidance even when you are in these vaping-friendly zones.
    • Australia: Nicotine has tons of negative reviews n the country, thus e-cigs with nicotine are illegal. But nicotine-free products are legal. Unfortunately, the mixed reviews about nicotine make it very difficult to prove that your device is devoid of nicotine. It is very difficult to overcome the social stigma.
    • Canada: The use of e-cigarettes is finally legal after several years of uncertainty. But some provinces and municipalities have certain restrictions. For instance, Calgary doesn’t support the use of vaping products within and outside the home.
    • South Africa: In 2000, the country banned smoking in public areas. But the lack of regulation of vaping makes things a bit confusing. From the Health Minister’s view, there may be an overhaul in the stigmatization of e-cigs.
    • Asia: The sale of nicotine-free vapes and use of e-cigs is well known in Japan. Furthermore, the industry has grown since inception in 2016. But there is a need to import an NJOY refill or VUSE cartridge that contains nicotine since that is totally legal. But Cambodia, Indonesia, and Hong Kong hold different views about the device.

    A huge number of countries ban both the manufacture and selling of e-cigarettes. However, use of the product may be legal. Such countries are Singapore, Norway, Brazil, and Panama. Generally, it is highly recommended to avoid the act of vaping in such zones due to social stigma.


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