Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Hotel

    It’s obvious that the furniture chosen for a hotel has to be functional, but that’s not all. The furniture has to be able to work for the brand in many different ways if you want to make sure that the more guests who enter your hotel are encouraged to come again.

    Giving guests the best customer experience calls for furniture that not only enhances the beauty and style of a hotel but also creates an impression that will last.

    Memorable experiences are created when the furniture you choose is not only durable, but it also adds highlights to and mirrors the theme and décor of each and every room.

    What makes the difference between furniture dramatically enhancing your hotel’s ambience and looking sadly out of place is down to designs, colors, textures, materials, shapes and sizes. They all play a part.

    Venues are never the same. Some are trendy, others are classic. You will want to project your own specific flair so your place appeals to the clientele who seek your style. The four key differentiators that define a hotel’s appeal are branding, comfort, durability and placement.

    The furniture must look comfortable for your guests as they enter each of your rooms. It needs to entice people to stay.

    The comfort of the lounge and dining will influence the rest of a guest’s experience. Guests should be able to sit for a short while in the foyer, a medium-term in the dining area and much longer in the lounge.

    The level of comfort of all the pieces in these rooms will influence the mood, enable guests to enjoy themselves, and leave a lasting pleasant feeling about their visit. Repeat visits happen because of experience; if guests felt comfortable last time, they are more likely to report positively to their friends and colleagues.

    Does your hotel have a defined personality What message are you trying to convey? As your customers see your hotel, what is it you want them to be experiencing? Is your venue calm and relaxed or is it designed to be exciting and ready for that big night out feeling? Are you trying to attract hip clientele or professionals?

    People often don’t realise how closely furniture matches likely repeat clientele or how the way it is placed can change the mood.

    Big soft armchairs invite people to sit but not if the acoustics   don’t enable guests to hear their friends while reclining. Large pieces are ideal for creating easy spaces where a few guests can settle at a time.

    However, when you want guests to be able to lean in and talk over loud music while moving freely, then smaller, more mobile furniture should be considered. Perhaps you could add a few stackable pieces that can be cleared away when day becomes night.

    If you are in the market for functional furniture that offers a variety of color schemes and styles, Charter Furniture is your furniture supplier of note.  We recognize that hospitality interior design is a creative journey. We love nothing better than offering you our stunning collection for your Hospitality & Hotel Furniture.

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