How to Claim Compensation if Your Flight is Cancelled

    Flight cancellation is never good news for everyone, as it comes unexpectedly when you have all your plans laid out. Air travel is not always perfect and several things could call for a cancellation, which could also be in your best interest. Some of these reasons include security, bad weather, lack of adequate passengers or an overbooked flight, mechanical issues, lack of aircraft or space, and more, which is often beyond the airline’s control. 

    However the reasons might be, it doesn’t change the fact that it ruined your plans and might do some damage. Do you know you have the right to some compensation if this ever happens? Taking out your frustration on everyone and the airline won’t do anything if you do not take action and claim your rights. 

    Are You Eligible?

    While the thought of flight cancellation compensation sounds great, not all airlines make provision for that. The EU, however, have rules pertaining to flight cancellation compensation with some conditions attached. Some of these conditions include getting a cancellation notification 14 days before the original departure date and that the flight was set to depart from the EU. Ensure you have a confirmed flight reservation and that the cancellation occurred within the last three years. Also, the reason for the cancellation must be within the airline’s control.

    If you meet all the conditions under EC 261, you may be entitled to as much as £510 in compensation for the flight cancellation. You can check the AirHelp website to understand how the compensation is calculated.

    What Are the Likely Compensations to Expect?

    The compensations often depend on the circumstances around the cancellation but generally, you should get a rescheduling with a new flight or a refund. If the cancellation was due to full seats in the original class, some airlines would arrange for a higher class of service. On the other hand, if you booked for a business or first class, you might get assigned to a coach-class with a partial refund.

    Other compensations that you might be entitled to include:

    • A cancellation fee, which could be up to £510 per person, determined by factors like distance and the length of the delay. 
    • Right to care. For example, overnight accommodation, if you were left stuck at the airport.

    Steps to Take in Order to Successfully Claim Your Compensation

    • Keep your travel documents and ensure they all have the correct details. This will help you successfully tender whatever you are asked and leave no room for your compensation to be considered void.
    • Know the reason behind the cancellation and request a rebook or a refund.
    • Be careful not to sign any document that may waive your rights.
    • Keep receipts if you had to spend more due to the cancellation.


    Cancellations happen more often than you think, as it is not always within the control of the airlines. This is why you should be prepared for whatever happens. If you’ve never had a canceled flight, the few tips here should give you an idea of what to do next and what to expect as compensation from the airline.


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