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    CatLadyBox is a monthly box subscription for cat ladies and their cats! If you are a cat lover like I am, then you will love the CatLadyBox. This amazing subscription lets you treat yourself and your furry friends to some really cool chic items. In which it includes cat-themed shirts, jewelry, home decor, accessories, art, and more, delivered in a box your cat can keep because all of us cat owners know how much they love boxes! The items that you get in your monthly subscription box are seriously so adorable and fun, you will feel like you are opening a Christmas gift each month, with some goodies for yourself and your furry baby! 

    The shirts are so fun and unique you will be proud to wear them and let the world know you’re a cat mommy or daddy! The toys for the cats are very different from the ones you will find at the store. Making it so much cooler to have and your cat will love them, some of them have catnip in them so you know that will be a fun treat for your kitty. And of course we can not forget about all the cool items you will get for home decor, accessories ,art and much more! 

    This is just the best subscription for all the cat lovers out there, trust me you will not regret becoming a CatLadyBox member. As a cat mom to 4 beautiful rescue cats I must say what I truly admire and love the most about CatLadyBox is that they work to save cats and give them a better life. Each week, the CatLadyBox Cares program makes a cash donation to a new rescue organization. Throughout the year, they also make donations whenever they can to help out with vet bills, sponsor special rescue projects, and support adoption centers. 

    Price: Subscriptions start at $34.99 a month with monthly, 3-month, or 6-month payment options

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