Buying a Mattress: Which Mattress Is Right For Me?

    Not all mattresses are the same: For a good night’s sleep, you need a mattress that is tailored to your needs. With our checklist, you can avoid typical purchase mistakes and thus sleepless nights.

    Restful Sleep: Finding the Right Mattress

    Choosing a new mattress needs to be carefully considered. Those who rely on the wrong mattress often pay for it with restless nights and tense muscles. If you are about to buy a new mattress, you should definitely take a few minutes to make a purchase decision and go through our checklist. You can also use the following purchase criteria to find out whether your current mattress is the right one for you or not.

    Are you still dreaming of the right one or have you already found it? Whether a match between you and the mattress comes about depends primarily on your body! The physical circumstances, i.e., size and weight, determine which degree of hardness is most suitable for you. The right degree of firmness (sometimes also called mattress thickness) is the main criterion when buying a mattress.

    Most manufacturers offer mattresses in five different degrees of hardness. The softest mattresses are measured with degree of hardness 1, the firmest mattresses with degree of hardness 5. When determining the optimal degree of hardness for you, you can adhere to the following rule of thumb: The higher the body weight, the firmer the mattress should be. But the type of sleep (side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper) also plays an important role. We have summarized for you which degree of hardness is suitable for which body and sleep type in this article.

    Which mattress is suitable for whom?

    Comfort foam mattress, cold foam mattress, viscous foam mattress, gel mattress or pocket spring mattress? You are spoiled for choice!

    Comfort foam mattresses score with their breathability and high resilience, which ensures that you do not sink too deep into the soft material when you move. In this way, the mattress quickly returns to its original shape without creating unpleasant hollows.

    Particularly suitable for: Any sleeping position, rather low body weight.

    Cold foam mattresses have similar properties. The light mattresses also impress with their excellent point elasticity and good thermal insulation. Cold foam mattresses should be turned around three to four times a year. This promotes longevity and prevents moisture build-up, mold growth and the formation of pits.

    Particularly suitable for: Any sleeping position, any bodyweight

    A mattress made of viscose foam (also called memory foam) is particularly suitable for people who rarely loll around while sleeping and like to sink in gently. This mattress is extremely adaptable and remembers the body shape of the sleeper, which is gentle on the spine and joints. However, we do not recommend this mattress for people who tend to sweat, as it has less air circulation.

    Particularly suitable for: Any bodyweight, back and side sleepers, sleepers who get cold quickly

    The gel mattress combines the advantages of cold foam and Visco mattresses: high air circulation, optimal body adaptation and very good support! However, this new type of mattress also has its price.

    Particularly suitable for: back and side sleepers, sweaty sleepers

    However, the most common type of mattress in people’s bedrooms is the pocket spring mattress. It is a true all-around mattress and is suitable for any sleeping position, any bodyweight and also for sleepers who sweat quickly. Metal springs, which are encased in small fabric pockets, ensure a very high point elasticity, which in turn ensures that the mattress only yields in the places where pressure is created. By the way, a high-quality pocket spring mattress does not have to be expensive.

    Don’t be blinded: only trust independent test seals

    Mattress manufacturers – can give the product their own test seal. So be sure to make sure that the tests are created independently. Trust only those seals that carry out neutral and fair tests.

    Durable material? This increases the durability of your mattress

    How long you and your mattress get on well together depends on three key factors that you should consider before you buy:

    Volume weight: The volume weight is an indication of the quality of the density of the material used. Basically, the higher the density, the heavier the foam and the higher the elasticity and durability. A good quality and therefore durable mattress should have a density of at least 40 kg / cm³.

    Mattress height: the heavier the body weight of the sleeper, the more important the height of the mattress is, as there must be enough material to sink in. Heavier people should use a mattress height of at least 24 centimeters.

    Supportive accessories: With high quality and taking into account the preceding factors, a good mattress can be expected to last a maximum of 10 years. In order to increase the durability and to avoid early deformation, soiling and abrasion, a mattress protector should always be used between the slatted frame and mattress as well as a washable mattress topper.

    Test mattress: 120 days of trial sleep

    When you have ticked off all the points on the checklist for yourself, nothing stands in the way of buying your new mattress. The advantage: With the help of the selection criteria, you can save yourself the often-stressful trip to the furniture store and order online without hesitation. If you are still a little undecided at this point, some online retailers – such as Lidl – have a last option: try sleeping.

    At Nolah Mattress you can test your dream mattress for 120 nights risk-free. Have your mattress delivered to your home within 3 to 10 working days for free. Delivery is contactless and safe. If the mattress does not meet your expectations, you can return the mattress. They’ll send a driver to pick it up for FREE, donate it to a local charity, and give you a full refund.


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