Don’t Lose, Just Smooth: Hair Reduction Vs. Hair Removal

    As summer is upon us, there are a handful of us that are attempting to prepare ourselves for the warm weather as fast as possible. These are typically the things we put off for weeks and weeks that eventually become last minute tasks that we are (somewhat) determined to accomplish, such as a killer base tan, a “beach-approved” figure, and of course, removing as much body hair as humanly possible to look silky smooth.


    When it comes to the pesky and overbearing process of taming and removing the unwanted hair on the body, there tends to be a misconception among the hair removal vs. hair reduction realm. Hair removal is commonly associated with the idea of “permanently removing unwanted hair” from specific areas of the body. However, many of these products or procedures are misleading and may result in skin irritation, skin damage and a bruised wallet.

    Here, we break down all of the common methods for hair reduction and removal to help you gain a better understanding of the different products and results.


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    Not only is shaving the most common hair removal method, but also the most annoying. When shaving with a razor, you are cutting the strands of hair that are only visible above the surface of the skin. In some cases, shavers will apply heavy pressure causing the hair to be cut below the skin’s surface resulting in the most unwanted guest of all time- the ingrown hair. Needless to say, this hair removal method has always been and always will be just a quick fix to a long term problem, and not to mention, a nuisance.

    Hair Removal? Check.

    Hair Reduction? No.

    Permanent? Absolutely not.

    Safe for all hair/skin types? We wish.

    Depilatory Creams

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    Depilatory creams, I believe, only exist to be messy and stinky. These hair removal creams are often accompanied by irritating sensations such as tingling, burning or itching. Depilatory creams can damage the surface of the skin and leave you with marks and dry patches.


    These creams are made to remove the hair by a chemical reaction that occurs between the cream and the keratin in the hair strands, which are ultimately broken down, making it easier to wipe away with a washcloth. However, these “smooth and silky” results only last between 3-5 days. Sounds like a big waste of time to me.

    Hair Removal? Check.

    Hair Reduction? Not so much.

    Permanent? Absolutely not.

    Safe for all hair/skin types? The least.

    The smart move to make here is to save both your time and money, you’ll thank me later.


    Waxing: the perfect depiction of “pain is beauty”.

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    We’ve all heard of it, we’ve all tried it, but is it all really worth it?

    Hot wax is used to remove the hair directly from the root and, similar to epilation, has longer lasting results. Depending on hair type and texture, results can last up to three weeks. Waxing is typically performed on the legs, underarms, lips and bikini area.

    The flaw in this method is not just the pain that is inevitable from each session, but having to wait for your regrowth to come in, as waxing needs a certain measurement of hair growth for the wax to effectively grab the hairs and pull those suckers out. This waiting period could feel like centuries, especially if timing is crucial. Also,  waxing can lead to skin irritation and painful ingrown hairs.

    Yea, I’ll pass.

    Besides, why spend so much time and money going to countless sessions just for the hair to grow back?

    If the hair is staying, we’re not playing. Sorry!

    Hair Removal? Check.

    Hair Reduction? Yea, right.

    Permanent? Absolutely not.

    Safe for all hair/skin types? The least.


    Epilation is a form of hair removal that attacks the hair directly at the root, similar to waxing ( just with longer lasting results) Although we understand the argument, “Who doesn’t want longer lasting results?”, it’s important to remember the extreme discomfort that comes along with it, but that’s the price you have to pay (and plus some $$) only for it grow back weeks later.

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    Similar to laser treatments, the hair may begin to reduce in growth over time, however, you will never be able to fully achieve a hair-free, silky smooth finish.

    Although epilating aids in hair growth reduction and has long lasting results, we just don’t think that the possible scarring and irritation is really worth it, especially with the ingrown hairs. Eventually, you begin to realize that you end up back in the same situation you were always in, and that’s a hairy one.

    Hair Removal? Check.

    Hair Reduction? Possible, but not guaranteed.

    Permanent? Contrary to popular belief, that’s a negative.

    Safe for all hair/skin types? The least.

    If we are going out of our way to put ourselves through multiple time consuming treatments and paying up a pricey penny for hair removal, why not spend it on something that is going to be worth it? Which leads to the real question, is there a safe hair removal method that works to permanently remove hair and leave your skin silky and smooth?

    Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to The Smooth System.

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    The Smooth System by Lucy Peters is the only FDA approved hair removal treatment offered today with proven permanent results. The Smooth System works by using a flexible needle-like probe that is inserted into each hair follicle and releases a current to desiccate the blood vessels, ultimately eliminating any possibility for future hair growth. This technique is safe for all hair and skin types and works on any color hair, whether it be dark, light, or red.

    Not only does it permanently remove unwanted hair but it also provides healthy, flawless benefits for your skin and leaves no shadow shading, irritation, razor burn or ingrown hair. This is, in part, due to the customization of every procedure for each client. Every treatment and schedule is created with customer needs in mind and is tailored to their specific tolerance, hair and skin type.

    Hair Removal? Check.

    Hair Reduction? Check.

    Permanent? Absolutely.

    Safe for all hair/skin types? You better believe it!

    Are You Ready To Permanently Remove

    Every Hair, Everywhere?

    Smooth System and Lucy Peters: Permanent, FDA approved hair removal

    Time To Get Smooth!

    After years of struggling and suffering through painful and regular waxing sessions, as well as conventional electrolysis- which resulted in nothing but scars and damage to the skin, Lucy Peters, a NYC woman, devoted decades of research and development in pursuit of creating this safe, effective, and technologically progressive integrated system.”



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