21 Reasons To Date The Girl Who Loves Sports

    If you’re lucky enough to find a girl who really loves sports, you should probably marry her as soon as possible.

    I’m not talking about the ones who like to watch football because it’s the thing to do on a Sunday. I’m talking the ones who know the calls before they happen and can actually hold a real conversation about players, stats, and all the good stuff.

    That girl.

    They understand more than anyone else how important your team is to you, whether they’re a fan of them or not, because they too are devoted to their team as well. Your relationship will grow stronger than ever before and of course, if you’re cheering for opposing teams, you could always make things a little bit more interesting… (emoji winky face).

    Here’s 21 reasons you need to wife up the girl who bleeds her team’s colors ASAP:

    1. She’ll never yell at you for cursing.

    She understands the fury in the sentence, “HOW IN THE F*CKING F*CK DID YOU NOT CATCH THAT, YOU F*CKING IDIOT.  The emotions that run high during a game are so insane that if you haven’t experienced them yourself, there is no way to ever explain them to someone else. She’ll never get on your ass for you using terrible language because she’ll be screaming right there with you. Sometimes even worse.

    2. She considers football Sundays to be sacred.

    She won’t make you go shopping, hiking, for pedicures or whatever else she usually convinces you to do on a Sunday during football season. Unless it involves going to the game or watching the game, she will not be involved nor make you be involved.

    3. She’ll never get mad if the guys are over… as long as she can be involved in the debate topics.

    Probably because at this point, she’s considered one of the guys. If there’s an important game on (and let’s face it, every game is important) she will never throw shade for your bros hanging out in the living room all night long. – Just make sure they take off their shoes.

    4. She’s always down to go to a game. 

    Rain, shine, heat or snow, she will always be the first one to pack the car for your venture to the stadium. She knows how to dress to not get hypothermia because she’s been doing it since she was a kid. What’s more fun then watching your team play live?

    5. She understands that being there in person is way better.

    How some girls find sports to be boring, these girls will never understand. From the moment you come within blocks of the game, you can feel the electricity rushing through the streets. High-fiving complete strangers who walk passed you repping your team, chanting that the other team sucks whenever you see one of their fans. There is no greater feeling than hearing that buzzer go off or watching that homer leave the park with your own eyes. She totally gets it and is right there with you.

    6. She’s not afraid to throw back a burger and a brew.

    Salad? There is no salad during sports. Only wings, hot dogs, sliders and beer. She’s never going to make you feel bad for indulging at a game. Maybe she’ll opt for the more healthy options when watching at home, but as long as you’re both on track the rest of the week, she’ll be right there covered in BBQ sauce with you.

    7. Her sports attire puts yours to shame.

    That’s right, that jersey is authentic. And you’re damn right she looks good wearing it. A Girl who loves sports, is wearing a baseball hat and screaming obscenities? Who wouldn’t fall in love!

    8. She’ll never act like she knows more than she does.

    If she’s unsure of what happened she’ll ask you, “what the f*ck just happened?” She’ll never try to be cool by talking sports talk while having no clue what she’s saying. Most of the time though, she’ll know exactly what’s going on and she’ll probably flip about it before you do.

    9. You can watch the game in peace.

    She knows there’s a time to speak and a time to shut up and watch. She won’t ask you if you paid the electric bill or remembered that you have dinner at her mom’s next week in the middle of a huge play. That’s just not her, and if you try asking her those questions, she’ll probably smack you.

    10. The sports debates keep things exciting. 

    – He’s out!

    – He’s totally not out.

    – Yes he f*cking is! THAT WAS A STRIKE.

    [She was right, it was indeed a strike.]

    Yep, that will happen.

    11. She’ll make sure date-night is at the bar you guys both love because playoffs > everything. 

    I’ve done it. I know other girls who have done it.

    Your girl will cancel reservations at that stuffy restaurant just to go to the bar and make sure she can the T.V. There is no reason to ever miss a game if you have a TV accessible. You know that, she knows that, and thats why while she’s screaming at the television you’re checking out her Pinterest to see what kind of engagement ring she wants.

    12. She watches even when you’re not around. 

    Working late? Can’t get a signal? She’ll text you a play by play whenever you need it. Even if for some reason you’re doing your own thing and aren’t tuned in one night, you’ll find her on the couch b*tching about the refs.

    13. She feels the pain. 

    A heartbreaking loss is enough to ruin your entire day. She’ll never get on your case for watching your team blow it in the World Series or Stanley Cup and freaking out about it. She won’t judge you for crying either.

    Chances are she’ll be mourning the loss just as bad as you are while trying to cope with the pain of not knowing when your team will make it that far again. Remember the girl who broke your heart in 5th grade? The pain is worse than that, and she completely understands.

    14. She needs to be their until the very end.

    You do not turn off the game, you do not leave the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the 15th inning, you’re staying until the game is over and that is it. It doesn’t matter what time the game is over or when you have work the next day, none of that will be as bad as the anger you’ll feel leaving early when your team makes a historic come back.

    She won’t ask you to leave and if you tell her you want to leave early, she’ll just meet you home… or not.

    15. Checking the score religiously is her game.

    If for some reason you aren’t watching the game, she knows you’re going to check the score a few times. Hell, if you don’t, she will.

    16. She’s open to learning about other sports.

    There are as many as 13 football games on, on a Sunday. Just because your team’s game is over doesn’t mean you stop watching. She’ll hang all day to see what the competition looks like for the season.

    17. She’ll go to new sporting events that may not have previously been her thing.

    Let’s say you’ve never really been soccer people but you want to get into. It doesn’t matter that neither of you know the rules, she’ll get the tickets and learn right along with you. A sport that you both can grow to love together? What is more beautiful than that?

    18. She is loyal. Her team is her team and you can’t change that.

    You’re a Devils fan and she’s a Rangers fan? TOUGH F*CKING SH*T. She will leave your ass before she ever reps the colors of her rivals. You have to respect her integrity. She’s no bandwagon fan or turncoat.

    Also- due to her having to carry the baby for 9 months and going through more pain than you could ever imagine (yes, even worse than your team losing) She gets to pick who the kids cheer for.

    Sorry not sorry.

    19. She’s tough.

    She loved sports before she met you, so she knows how to handle herself when some other assh*le fan wants to start sh*t with her. She’ll school him in stats, facts and even a mean right hook. Girls who love sports don’t play around.

    20. Your friends will love her.

    You will never be known as the guy with the annoying girlfriend. If she’s not around they’ll probably miss her and start asking you what you did to f*ck up. It’s not that they like her more than you, it’s just that, she loves sports and makes a sick Stromboli.

    21. But, she’s still your best friend. 

    What’s better than a best friend who will scream at the television with you, use foul language, get just as lost in the game as you are , stuff her face with beer and food AND make out with you?

    Uh – nothing?




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