BL174-5 Benefits to Verizon’s Fios Triple Play Deal

    Fast speeds. Dependable connections. Fantastic customer service. These are the features that define the Verizons Fios. Verizons Fios—an internet, Television, and phone service provider—relies on fiber optic cable as opposed to the traditional cable and DSL.  Fios, an abbreviation of Fiber Optic Service, transmit light signals—offering a faster transmission when compared to copper or coaxial cables. Even more, this transmission mechanism carries more data. With that in mind, here are the top 5 benefits you’ll get by subscribing into the Verizons Fios Triple Play Deal.

    Lightning-Fast Speeds

    Speed is everything when it comes to communication. With Fios, you have a communication service provider that guarantees lightning speed. For instance, if you are going for the internet only plan, expect a speed of between 100/100 to 500/500 Mbps.

    And if you are looking for the fastest speeds, you have an option in their Fios Gigabit Connection package. The package is characterized with speeds of 940/800 Mbps—which is close to Fiber 1 GBPS connection of google.

    The FCC’s latest report confirms this: 95 percent of the advertised speeds were delivered by Verizon Fios. Thus, if speed is your thing, then the Verizon Fios should top your shopping list.

    Super-Fast Upload Speed

    Take a look at most advertised speeds by different internet providers. Most of them lay emphasis on download speeds. However, with Verizon Fios, you have an internet provider who knows the importance of both download and upload speeds.

    And if you upload a lot of stuff online, you’ll need fast upload speeds. The speed is symmetrical;–meaning both download and upload speeds are equal. This makes it easy for those who’d like to make regular uploads.

    You Have Unlimited Data

    Tired of internet caps from other internet providers? Go for Verizon Fios. With Version Fios, you have an internet provider who knows the importance of providing you unlimited data. So, you can stream an unlimited number of HD movies or series to your liking.

    Bundling Options

    With triple-play as well as double-play plans, Verizon Fios gives you the flexibility you need when making your decision. Plus, both of these plans are affordable—since you don’t have to sign up for the services independently.


    You want to move from another internet provider? You have a reason to smile– Verizon Fios provides compensation. With a credit of up to 500 Dollars, you can be sure that they care and they want to make the migration easy for you. All you need to do is to show your billing plus the early termination fees and $500 will be credited into your bank.

    Note: you must sign into their Verizon Fios internet plan to qualify for this offer.

    Dependable TV Service

    Unlike the satellite-based TV, Fios TV is explicitly powered by a reliable fiber optic data—which is rarely affected by bad weather. So, whether you are living in a place that experiences things to do with snow, strong wind, heavy rains—you are sure of getting clear reception with Verizon Fios TV.

    The Bottom-Line

    Verizon Fios is all about reliability. They use superior technology that is based on fiber optic data to transmit information. Their customer service is super and they offer a variety of packages—giving you the flexibility to choose one that suits your needs. Plus, they offer superior speeds and unlimited data—making Verizon Fios an industry leader when it comes to internet provision services. So, if these are the features you are looking for in an internet service provider, then the Verizon Fios ticks all the boxes. Get it and enjoy life non-stop.


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