Beyond Beyonce The Alleged Queen Feminist

    First thing’s first… OPINIONS HERE ARE MY OWN. But, after reading this, they may be yours too.

    At risk of having the entire world turn against me, I feel like this needs to be addressed. I will preface by saying that I am not an extremist in any way, but I do hold certain terms in high regard- f, being one of them. I am not a man-hater either…and guess what? I am independent and strong, yet I still like doors being held for me. It is the gesture not my sense of entitlement, or even an equality issue as many may argue. Regardless, my point is still relevant before receiving any backlash.

    Beyonce. Oh, good old Beyonce. Queen B, everyone’s goddess of the 21st century, I would like to be the first person in history to put in a complaint.

    Lately, I have been hearing non-stop all about how Beyonce is the poster woman for feminist views. Her strong, explicit lyrics and powerful moves convey she is the one that is in charge and she is unapologetic regarding her sexuality. But, is she the epitome of women’s equality?  Is owning your sex appeal the only aspect that defines feminism? I’m confused.

    Behold…the definition of FEMINISM.

     Allegedly, according to some elite universities (including Rutgers University who shares this belief) and other “credible? sources in media, the definition of feminism is the idea through which sexualization and money is how we empower women, or at least that’s what I’m picking up on. Am I missing something? Do I have it wrong? Am I the only one who sees it this way? #WTF

    By no means am I trying to throw shade here because I do appreciate her abilities as a dominant, iconic songstress leaving her mark in pop culture. Girl’s got talent.

    I would be lying if I said when Crazy in Love comes on I do not clear the dance floor and strut out my ultimate Beyonce walk or push bridesmaids out of the way to catch the bouquet when Single Ladies cues the reception is almost over. Publicly or privately, we have all fallen victim to this whether we admit it or not.

    The 2014 VMA’s were a perfect example of evidence as “Feminist? appeared behind her curvaceous, sculpted body, draped in sparkles as she gyrated and snake rolled herself all over the stage.

    Insert eye roll.

    Fast forward two years and everyone won’t stop talking about Beyoncé’s new visual album: Lemonade; how pretty it is, the references to Jay Z’s cheating, the political statements… we get it!

    The visual album strikes an engaging balance between personal and performance, but this is from an artistic perspective, not a bureaucratic or cultural point of view. I understand wanting to use your celebrity to make a statement, or inject positivism, but her current attempts seem completely misguided.

    And these are just the visuals. Her lyrics are her message. Her money buys her power.
    What principles are we actually sending to our young girls, our future leaders? That they are flawless? Well, that’s not real. It’s narcissistic. What authentic goals and standards are we actually setting beside self promotion? Other than how to be viewed by men in a sexually dominate way rather than a demure one… I don’t get it.

    Ladies, if we “own it”, then I guess we can simply use it against them?

    That doesn’t sound very equal to me.

    Using our sexuality to display our power is completely misleading to everything reflecting the original stand. It sounds more like a walking contradiction, a bombshell of a walking contradiction, but nonetheless.

    I am fully aware that I have been making myself sound like a Jesse Spano wannabe/a feminist fanatic, but as I develop into a woman I am really starting to understand the line drawn between entertainment and social boundaries. The distinction between my inner pop-star and what it means to be a dynamic woman focuses deeper than just appreciating my personal “ass-ets” and defining that behavior to promote having a form of control.

    The difference between my point and others lies in the fact that I can take her for face value, a diva-licious, hot mama, who owns the stage vs. a groundbreaking beacon of female hope and pride.  Just because she #WokeUpLikeThis, and knows how to Surfboard, does not help me in my life with overcoming the everyday struggles of women.

    I’m disappointed in people for glamorizing Beyonce as a feminist and I am not afraid to say it. More importantly, I’m worried that in 2016, they are doing it from an educational standpoint. Very scary.

    We do not have royalty in this country and so maybe that is why we have crowned Beyonce. The public has declared no matter what scandal she is in, she can do no wrong, and it will go away. I find this disturbing more than enlightening. Women who believe she supports their goals, dreams, their self acceptance and confidence, I ask you to dig deeper into yourself.

    Please stop saying she is the embodiment of an ideal or even a woman changing the world for the better. She is not making anyone stronger. Lets just chalk it up to what it is… the reality… she is a way beyond average entertainer.