Best Short Movies Of All Time

    Short movies are one of the best methods of storytelling. It is an art of narrating the entire story in a few minutes. There are a lot of filmmakers who tried it and ended up making some amazing and mind-blowing short films. If you are fond of movies and are looking for something new, then you should definitely watch the best short movies of all time. Short movies that were released a long time ago might be difficult to find. However, you can easily explore a wide range of short movies on Discover Film. Here are some amazing short movies that everyone must watch:


    Released in 1982, this film delivers the story creatively with a beautiful combination of horror and comedy. Also, if you are obsessed with animated films, then Vincent is a short movie that will entertain you a lot!

    The Phone Call

    One of the best thriller movies. The suspense is developed in the movie when the man calls this girl. The way this anonymous man narrates while slowly consuming the poison is something that makes this movie worth watching. Movie ‘The Phone Call’ has an ending which will leave you surprised!

    Session Man

    Are you a person who loves music? Then ‘Session Man’ is based upon a band. This band is about to release their last album and thus hire a famous guitarist for the best music composition. It has also won an Oscar award for the best short film. The background music during the entire film adds life to the overall narration of the story.

    A Dog’s Life

    Now here comes a movie for all the Charlie Chaplin fans. Firstly, when a movie has such a great actor, then it is worth watching that movie. This was for the first time when dogs, as well as children, were introduced to the cinema. The narration of this story is a combination of an unemployed man, a harassed man, and a dog. All of them have some serious issues in their lives and despite that, they do find a reason to live their life. Watch and find out the message delivered to the audience through this movie.

    The Nostalgist

    The story of this movie is narrated in the real world as well as in the virtual world. The genre of this short movie is sci-fi. They do narrate various stages of the relationship between a father and a son.

    Geri’s Game

    This animated movie starters from a man sitting all alone in the park. To entertain himself, he starts playing chess on his own. The way the story in this movie is carried forward to the conclusion is something that is liked by the viewers.

    The Gift

    The movie is about a man who hires a robot to deliver the gift to the given address. Watch the film to see what happens next. Are you not curious about how will he be delivering the package to the nobleman?

    Hotel Chevalier

    Do you like watching romantic movies? Then this short film must be watched by you! It beautifully narrates how two past lovers meet and unite in a hotel room. Listen to the way they sort all their problems and look ahead for the solutions. This is an amazing movie directed by Wes Anderson.


    This is the story about a boy who is a guitarist. He is passionate about it and literally worships the musicals that she adores. A harmonica player assists him to escape through a crossroads. It is the same crossroad where this boy once made a deal with evil. The use of color pallets in this movie is something interesting to be watched.

    Six Shooter

    Here comes another comedy short film that everyone must watch. An old man whose wife has recently died travels on a train. He comes across a strange man. The movie gets funny by their conversation and the actions of that psychotic young strange man.


    Are you a pet lover? Then the story of this movie also proceeds in the same direction. This movie begins with a boy and his pet dog whom he was attached to and loved a lot. One day, when that dog died, he tries to bring him back to life by performing various scientific experiments. Frankenweenie was also nominated for Oscar awards.

    Thunder Road

    What are the problems that might be faced by a police officer? Have an answer to this question after watching ‘Thunder Road’. There is a policeman who faces many personal problems. These life problems become problematic when he gets a divorce from his wife and after his mother dies. The art of storytelling through short movies is reflected in this movie. In spite of this emotional and sad story of the cop, this is a comedy and fun-filled movie that you will enjoy for sure!

    The Smiling Man

    This is one of the best horror films. A young and innocent girl watches cartoons in her room when the evil approaches the house. She soon feels that someone might be inside the house and she was being watched by an evil. Find out how this movie takes turns and gets concluded. She was brave and had courage to face the evil be herself when she was all alone in the house.


    A man experiences something strange when he tries to delete all the contact information about her past girlfriend. His computer starts to behave strangely. This is also a horror movie that was nominated for a lot of awards.

    What’s Opera, Doc?

    This is an animated short film. The story of this movie will refresh and lighten up your mood. There are also several scenes in the movie that you wake you laugh.

    Imaginary Flying Machines

    Talking Pigs in this movie plays a key role to entertain the viewers. These pigs try to make and invent a machine that will give humans the power of flying. This great animation followed by a cute storyline makes this a great and entertaining short movie.


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