Best Gifts for Grads

    Well Told Glassware

    The Well Told Glassware is a very cool gift you can give to that special someone who is in school and will be graduating. This awesome company has options available for every U.S college town, you can create a truly meaningful gift celebrating cherished college memories. We received the pint glass color white, the quality in this glass is great, it is very thick and looks high end. Well told glassware makes the perfect sentimental gift if that is what you are looking for! 

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    Inpoweredlight lamps have unique and innovative features that make them the perfect solution to any power outage for all homes, offices and so much more! This very cool lamp is the perfect addition for a college student. The design is modern and can compliment any room, it has many beneficial features which make it the perfect solution for any power outage!

     If you are looking for decorative yet reliable emergency backup light then your search is over! Click here to view more:

    Ayla & Co

    The Ayla vacuum is a beautiful compact small vacuum cleaner that features dual-speed suction and long battery life for a full day’s mess. This cordless vacuum is easy to empty and grabs everything from glitter to puffs. This is great for small messes, you can clean your car, couches, backpacks, etc. This will make a great gift for a college dorm! 

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    Alabaser Co Candles

    Alabaster Co their vision is for all of humanity to experience God as beautiful. They believe beauty matters in the understanding of who God is—and together with you—they strive to make products that help bring forth beauty in the world.

    The Prayer Candles is a beautiful gift to give to that special person in your life. 

    The Prayer Bundle includes all three of their candles, which inckude: 

    Hope Prayer Candle: Includes bamboo, jasmine, floral notes, nature, and warmth to find joy amidst the present moment and delight in a brighter future—blossomed through a grounded trust in God. 

    Peace Prayer Candle: Brings together lavender and rosemary with scents of crisp freshness and green earth, opposites combined, to evoke the bringing together of all things—unity, rest, and ultimately God’s peace.

    Strength Prayer Candle: Has notes of sandalwood and bergamot, fragrances of sturdy wood and rich citrus to express the qualities of strength—resilience and a quiet assurance—rooted in the awareness as being divine-children of God.

    These candles come in such pretty packaging and the products are just as amazing. The smell is excellent and the message in the small booklet is beautiful and very thoughtful. With these candles to learn to appreciate the joy in small things.   
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