Best Crew Neck Colors In 2022

    We’re halfway through 2022, and the summer has just begun, so it’s the perfect time to refresh our wardrobes and memories about the latest trends.

    A humble crewneck tee is one of the summer staples, and simply getting a few new pieces will help you create many new and exciting looks.

    But which colors should you absolutely get? Here are the best crewneck colors for 2022!

    All Green

    Green is a truly universal color, but something about it just screams summer. That’s why if you still don’t have one, go ahead and order at least one green crewneck for the season.

    Besides looking excellent on most people, it’s also trending in 2022 and has many shades to choose from. Whether you prefer lime, olive, forest green, or olive, they are all easy to style and incorporate into your everyday looks.

    Pair your green crewneck with neutrals, greys, black, charcoal, white, navy, and brown.

    Mustard Yellow

    While yellow is a true summer color, it doesn’t look the best on most people, so the best choice is to opt for a little less “loud” mustard yellow.

    It’s joyful, easy to style, works for almost any hair color, and doesn’t make you look like a 12-year-old!

    A mustard crewneck should definitely find its way into your 2022 summer wardrobe!

    Pair your mustard yellow tee with blue, grey, beige, black, charcoal, and maroon.

    Cobalt Blue

    Another beautiful summer color is cobalt blue. It’s been trending for a while and still going strong in 2022. We love it for a crewneck t-shirt as it’s exciting, bright, and cheerful.

    It’s also brave yet not too “out there,” so you feel comfortable even if you’re a little bit more conservative in fashion.

    Cobalt blue is not just beautiful – it’s luxurious, so wearing such a tee doesn’t require much else to feel put together and unique.

    Pair your cobalt blue crewneck with black, charcoal, white or off-white.

    Purple and Lavender

    Let’s keep building that colorful t-shirt collection with purple or lavender crewnecks! Did you know that a shade of purple is the color 2022? Well, you do now!

    Purple and its cousin lavender are royal colors that elevate any look, even if you need a tee for work.

    Choose deep purple if you’re feeling brave and lavender if you’re just dipping your toes into the fashion game.

    Pair your crewneck with subdued and neutral colors like cream, white, off-white, and charcoal.


    We absolutely love maroon around here because it’s one of those colors that manage to stand out yet don’t feel like too much.

    It works perfectly in a crewneck tee that goes with pretty much any other color. Shop the latest crew neck t-shirt styles at for some excellent crewnecks and color options and find your ultimate summer favorite.

    Pair your maroon crewneck with grey, white, navy, black, khaki, charcoal, and olive green.


    We love white for the summer, and nothing is as classic as a white summer tee, but let’s be more creative in 2022!

    Off-white crewnecks look a little bit more luxurious and interesting than plain white yet still can be paired with pretty much any color on the color wheel.

    Yes, wearing off-white can feel a little dangerous as it’s a real stain magnet, but we believe that the style is totally worth it!


    Black meets grey, and you’ve got yourself charcoal! Just like off-white is cooler than white, charcoal is a definite winner in the duel with black.

    It’s also trending in 2022, which means you’ll be on point with a simple charcoal crewneck tee.

    Charcoal is also a perfect compromise and transition for those who only wear black – it’s so similar it’s not that scary to experiment a little.

    Pair your charcoal crewneck with neutrals or bright colors such as green, blue or purple.

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