Benefits of Screen Porches and How to make them Efficient in Winters

    A porch is a bonus for any household – somewhere to relax at home but outdoors. Of course, you want to use it all year round. Adding a screen will turn a space into a family room outdoors in the fresh air, although there are other benefits. Here are some other benefits to consider when going for screened porches:

    Screened porches are one of the great ways of making your home weather resistant. Some of the benefits of screened porches are:

    • They add a layer of privacy to your porch and you can freely enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about neighbors’ peeking into your life.
    • It makes your porch weather resistant in harsh weather conditions and you can enjoy a family space for chatting and play regardless of the weather.
    •  You can also bring out your big screens or game consoles along with some portable heater or room cooler to enjoy a cozy set up with friends and siblings.
    • It makes your porch an excellent place for outdoor gatherings and parties and you can enjoy all the perks of being at an outdoor gathering at home.
    • Screened porches make an excellent space for playdates and stay overs.
    • Screened porches also increase the value of your house and you can get better rentals for space.

    Winterize Screened Porches with Plastic Sheets

    You can double the benefits of screened porches by covering them with plastic poly sheet. This sheet will make your place cozier for winters and save your heater bills. Thankfully, it does not have to be that tricky because you can easily go to Sheeting & Distribution and find the right sheeting solution for your porches.

    Directions for Installing Plastic Poly Sheet

    •  The first step is to clean all the surfaces that are needed to be covered with plastic sheets. This includes the removal of older treatments on windows.
    •  Next, apply insulated strips on the exceptionally drafty areas.
    •  Measure all the surfaces that are to be covered. This includes all windows and glass panels exposed to the outside weather. Always cut the plastic pol sheet larger than the exact measurement to allow for securing and trimming at the end.
    •  Next apply the plastic sheet smoothly onto each surface and secure with finishing nails. Move slowly from top to bottom as you apply the plastic sheet and make sure the sheeting is pasted smoothly without any creases or bubbles. The nails should be sufficient to keep the sheet in place even in intense winds.
    •  Next, secure the sheet firmly onto the surface by blow-drying it. Move the blow dryer back and forth and from top to bottom to make sure there are no leaks left in the sheet.
    •  When all is smooth, trim the corners of the sheet to remove excess plastic.

    Whether you are looking for more space to entertain friends or room for the children to play by screening your porch and winter proofing it a little, you will be adding a whole new workable space to your house. That has to be useful, even if it’s for storing the bikes and airing the washing.


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