Becoming a More Sustainable Company: Frequently Asked Questions

    Sustainability and business should go hand in hand. However, many companies are still unsure about what steps to take, how to go about making those changes, and why it’s so important to reduce the world’s carbon emissions.


    Unfortunately, some businesses aren’t comfortable asking these questions out loud for fear of seeming out of touch or ignorant of the planet’s plight. But fear not, here are some of the more commonly asked questions, whether your queries are as simple as understanding renewable energy sources or as in-depth as asking what is LCOE and do I need it.


    What is a Carbon Footprint?


    A carbon footprint relates to a measurement of greenhouse gas emissions that are released into the atmosphere. This carbon footprint can be from an individual, a small business, or even in a large global enterprise. For a company looking to become more sustainable, consider your carbon footprint as the pollutants released into the world as a direct result of your actions (or inactions).


    What are Fossil Fuels? 


    Fossil fuels are fuels that are formed from the remains (or fossils) of plants and animals that have been dead for millions of years. The main forms of fossil fuel are crude oil, natural gases, and coal. In order to extract fossil fuels from the Earth, companies mine, drill, and implement fracking practices, all of which can be hazardous to the planet.


    What are some Examples of Sustainable Technologies?


    Generally speaking, this tends to be a form of technology that uses renewable energy in order to function. They’re also usually made out of materials that won’t be damaging to the environment. Sustainable technologies include things like LED lights, solar panels, and electric vehicles.


    What is Renewable Energy? 


    The term renewable energy relates to energy that’s usually more natural and able to replenish itself. Examples of renewable energy are things like sunlight, water, and wind because they are naturally occurring energies that are relied on for power. While many people think that renewable energy is a new thing, it has been around since the early 1900s as an alternative source of power.


    What are the Benefits of Being a Sustainable Business?


    For businesses looking to venture into a more sustainable and environmentally aware future, there are several potential benefits awaiting them. For example, setting green targets helps your company to prepare for the future and slowly integrate renewable solutions into your processes. It also provides you with the opportunity to appeal to modern consumers who prefer to spend their money with companies that care about the planet.

    Final Thoughts 


    While these fundamental questions may not feel like a drastic change to your everyday business practices, they each represent a small step that takes you towards a more eco-friendly future. By taking care to consider your options and make smaller changes now, you can remove the worries that come with drastic changes later, when there’s no other option but to make these adjustments anyway.


    In time, your business will reap the benefits of being a greener company that takes the bigger picture into consideration with every choice you make.

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