Basic Car Maintenance: What You Need To Know

    Maintaining your car can be a difficult job, but keeping on top of small repairs and updates as you go along has the potential to save you money in the long run. Rather than cause long-term damage to your vehicle, here are some of the small checks you can regularly make to keep your car safe and roadworthy for longer.

    Check Your Brakes

    These are perhaps the most important elements of your vehicle, and ensuring that your brakes are in good working order is essential to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. It is a good idea to find a trustworthy local brake repair service who can conduct regular checks and help to make sure everything is running smoothly. Also, make time to regularly check the level of brake fluid in your car to help your brakes work effectively.

    Keep An Eye On Tires

    Your tires go through a lot of wear and tear, and so it is important to make sure they are regularly checked and monitored. As a general rule, your tread should be 1.6mm, but it is a good idea to change them out before they reach a critical stage.

    Tires should be worn evenly, with no balding patches, and any temporary repairs replaced with a permanent tire as soon as possible. They also need to be inflated to the correct level to provide safety, a smoother drive, and greater fuel economy. Check your vehicle handbook for more information on the levels you should be using.

    Check Fluid Levels

    Even if you are inexperienced under the bonnet, there are few necessary checks you can carry out independently. Your oil levels need to be monitored and checked frequently; this is an essential part of helping the mechanics of your engine to run smoothly and prevent damage.

    Water levels also need to remain consistent to avoid overheating, and other aspects such as power steering and windshield cleaning fluid may need periodic top-ups and adjustments. Every 5,000 or so miles, you will need to change your oil. Find a trustworthy local garage to take care of this if you are unsure.

    Make Sure Your Electronics Are In Order

    More and more cars now operate from a central electronic motherboard, and this can be very expensive to repair and replace. Take some time to check your electronics on a regular basis. This includes headlights and fog lights, heating and demisting, and air conditioning systems. If you notice a problem, get it checked out as soon as possible. This quick action could save you money in the long run, and prevent permanent damage to your vehicle.

    Keep It Clean

    Keeping your car in good condition is more than merely a vanity project. Over time, pollution can erode the paintwork of your vehicle, leading to uneven wear and patches. While this may seem an aesthetic problem, over time rust can damage important parts of the bodywork, such as the tires or undercarriage. Take the time to run your vehicle through a carwash—it is well worth a small effort!



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