Aura Colors and Their Meaning

    An aura is defined as an unseeable field of energy that surrounds a person. It also serves as their representation of their psyche and being. Auras are used in psychic readings in the form of aura reading. This is normally done during a cold psychic reading and is used to determine a person’s characteristics and traits from looking into the nature and color of one’s aura. Auras can come in multiple colors and usually have similar meanings and connotations and when used in psychic readings, it would make it easier to distinguish a person’s self and being. If you’re wondering about what each color means, look no further than this article and if you are curious about psychic readings try looking over in 

    Red Aura

    The color red usually is used to represent passion. Having a red aura means that you’re an energetic, outgoing, and passionate person. They are capable of showing how they feel through their actions and would go head first to what they think is right.

    Orange Aura

    Orange is similar to red in that they represent passion but with creativity added in. They are very creative and abstract people. They want to experience the world around them rather than being told about it. They want to make their own definition of what things are and understand them how they see them.

    Green Aura

    The color green is associated with empathy and sympathy. It deals with things related to the heart and mind. It shows the love for oneself and others. It also means that a person is compassionate and caring. They also enjoy the feeling of freedom and wear their heart on their sleeves.

    White Aura

    A white aura usually denotes the sign of perfectionism. It represents a person who’s quick-witted and active in the mind. It represents their capabilities in themself and abilities in order to achieve the results they want to have along with the innate fear of failing and losing everything. Having a white aura serves as a double-edged sword as the person is always at risk while trying to achieve what they want.

    Blue Aura

    The color blue represents a strong and powerful mind and being. They are more logical and rational people rather than emotional people, the complete opposite of a red aura. Having a blue aura means you are a very insightful person always looking into things deeper than they usually seem. They have a need to seek out the truth and are usually reserved and soft-spoken.

    Yellow Aura

    A cheerful color to go with a cheerful aura type. People who have this aura are very charismatic and filled with joy. They have aspects and things about them that make people drawn towards their direction. They can exude the feeling of confidence and self while also making others feel the same.

    Purple Aura

    The color purple is associated with the subconscious as it represents people with strong intuition and sensitivity along with great mental stability. Similar to the color green, they are sensitive and empathetic people who can relate well and help other people.

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