Are There Really Roses That Last a Year?

    Roses are perhaps the most popular and common flower being sold on the market; in fact, they are so famous that they have long been a favorite subject of painters, musicians, composers, and poets. Roses are, without a doubt, a thing of beauty and elegance. They can represent love, kindness, passion, and inspiration. 

    More often than not, when gifted a bouquet of roses, everyone instantly feels better or more loved. While roses are pricey and usually only last for around 5-7 days if placed in a vase with water, for most of us, simply being able to appreciate the look of roses is already a treat in itself. We would then have to trash out the roses by the end of the week because they have now become wilted. What if, though, if we say that you can purchase roses that last a year? It will mean that you would be able to enjoy looking at the roses throughout the entire year. It will also save you money because you would not have to purchase fresh roses on a weekly basis. 

    Are you curious if these roses will be as fragrant as just-picked blooms? The answer is yes; it has the feel and appearance of freshly cut roses, as well as the sweet and romantic aroma that will endure for a lengthy period of time. So, are there really roses that last a year that exists? The answer is a resounding yes, and you can find out more about it by reading below.

    The Kind of Roses That Last a Year: 

    With the developments in technology during these modern days, someone has finally discovered a technique to produce roses that last a year. These roses, believe it or not, are real and are not made out of plastic. It is called Ecuadorian roses. These roses feature long stems, big flowers of approximately 5 to 6 centimeters in diameter, and petite blooms measuring approximately 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter. Its strong petals lend themselves to the process that enables it to last a year. 

    The scientific technique for preservation has proven unsuccessful for the other varieties of roses, and as a result, the roses utilized in this arrangement are exclusively Ecuadorian roses. However, aside from roses, there are also pink hydrangeas that can survive up to a year, too. 

    The bouquet will still have a distinctive rose aroma as these are real roses. However, the scent will not remain as long as the blooms, so savor it while it lasts. 

    Roses are available in pink, lavender, white, and red hues. Pinks and reds are by far the most popular, as reds symbolize romance, and most men like to give red roses to their special someone. On the other hand, when women wish to purchase roses for themselves, they typically go for pinks because there are times when you simply want to appreciate a bouquet of roses for yourself and do not want to wait for your partner or husband to do so. 

    How Can Roses Last a Year? 

    Preservation is the key whenever we want something to last a long time, such as vegetables, fruits, or meat. Preservation has existed since the beginning of time, and it is how we get jams, pickles, dried fruits, and spices or seasonings. 

    Real, freshly picked roses are collected from the farm and properly cleaned; each petal and stem are inspected for pests and rotten leaves. The rose flowers are then dried, which preserves them. The drying process extracts moisture from the flowers, resulting in dried flowers. However, unlike other dried flowers, these roses that last a year appear and feel as if they were newly cut, owing to a unique and bio-friendly rehydration method. The dried flowers are rehydrated by absorbing the mixture to refill the sap in each bloom, resulting in roses that look and feel as if they were just plucked from the garden. Following that, the roses are arranged in containers of different shapes.  

    Where Can I Purchase Roses That Last a Year? 

    Now that you are aware that there are real roses that last a year, you are most likely curious about where you can buy some or place an order. 

    The easiest way to do so is to check out a reputable online flower store where you can obtain all the necessary information on roses that you can enjoy throughout the year. You simply select the desired size, color, and quantity of blooms. If you are looking for a simple yet memorable present, opt for a single rose or four flowers box; they are both charming and appealing. However, if you truly want to create an impression, get a dozen boxes decorated with red roses in hearts, rounds, and squares containers. Once you have made your selection, proceed to the checkout page and enter the desired delivery address. It will take some time for the roses to be delivered with the approaching holidays. Therefore, place your order in advance.

    What Is the Best Way to Take Care of Roses That Last a Year? 

    No matter if you are giving the roses as a present or keeping them for yourself, you must know how to properly take care for roses that last a year so that they last the entire year. With gentle, loving care, they can even last as long as three years. 

    Make sure to keep the boxed bouquet of roses at room temperature, away from direct sunshine, and out of the direction of the chilly airflow to prevent it from wilting at a short time. Also, do not remove the roses from the box or cover the roses. The box is required for the effective preservation of the roses, and it should be opened so that everyone can enjoy them. And finally, there is absolutely no need at all to water the roses; in fact, if you will, you can permanently damage the roses and limit their life span. It is important not to water or place the plant in a vase, even if you believe the roses need to be put in one.


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