A Guide to Neutral Spirits

    Neutral grain spirits tend to be a high-octane concoction made in different ways within the industry. They are also referred to as rectified spirits and ethyl alcohol. Neutral spirits are used in the making of different stuff like whisky, some liquors as well as cut brandy. These are really high in alcohol content. Many get made from distilling wine whilst others get made from different grains. However, a neutral spirit is able to be assembled from nearly anything, like corn, tubers, beets, etc.

    Grades plus types of neutral spirits

    When it comes to neutral spirits, you can find different quality grades.

    Extra-neutral alcohol

    Extra-neutral alcohol or ENA is also referred to as extra-fine alcohol and surfin. It is high distillate alcohol that is free from impurities. It has an ethanol grade of 96% ABV or more.

    It is used for beverage and even non-beverage use. When it comes to beverages, it is regarded as the base ingredients to make different spirits including vodka and gin. In the cosmetics industry, it is employed as a preservative. It is also used for antibacterial purposes and like solvents for products including hairsprays, lotions, sanitizers, etc. This type of natural spirit is able to be used in pharmaceuticals to make vaccines, pills, antibiotics, plus vitamins. It is even used to make stuff like paints, varnishes, cleaning items, etc.

    Ethanol 96 or 96% Alcohol + 5% Methanol is employed in the pharmaceutical industry for making products like anesthetics, antiseptics, lotions, fragrances, shampoos, etc.

    Grain Neutral Spirits or GNS

    Grain neutral spirit is a popular neutral spirit. The neutral alcohol that is made from grains is known as grain neutral spirits or GNS, neutral grain spirits or NGS or even neutral grain alcohol.

    Corn, wheat, barley, as well as rye are said to be popular grains that are used to make GNS. GNS gives the base alcohol that is present for distilling gin plus vodka. However, it is not regarded as a legal requirement for either to get made from grain.

    Where to get neutral spirits

    You should know that there are a few brands present of neutral spirits which are able to be purchased easily off the market. You can look at the different ones present. Private individuals may use them to produce small amounts of homemade liquors, bitters, as well as spirits.

    If you are a producer and want to make large-scale commercial products, you may not want to buy your neutral spirits directly off some shop shelf market as there may be some problems concerning the quantity required and what is present, along with the associated higher expenses.

    You should look at the different brands selling the neutral spirits that you require so that you can get the right ones for your products. Compare the prices and choose the one that best suits you. It is better to buy quality stuff from a reputed brand so that you do not end up with something of a low-quality. Research before buying anything.


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