A Day in the Life on Kerala’s Backwaters

    Put the bustle of the city behind you. Kerala’s backwaters provide an entirely new experience, an opportunity to relax and re-establish a connection with the natural world. Here, time passes as slowly as the water itself, and each day reads like a long poetry.


    Sunrise Symphony

    On the backwaters, there are other alarms besides the crow of the rooster. The sound of crickets chirping good-bye to the night blends with the soft waves washing against your houseboat. As you step outside onto the deck, a magnificent sunrise welcomes you. A warm glow is cast on the emerald expanse of water that stretches as far as the eye can reach by streaks of rose and gold that are bleeding across the sky. You’re going to have a day unlike any other—this is the Venice of East Kerala.


    Revealing the Embrace of the Backwaters

    Your houseboat moves forward with a gentle nudge as the sun rises, driven by the engine’s steady thrum. The canals are bordered by lush vegetation, with coconut palms swaying in the light wind. You drive by charming communities with vibrant homes decorated with elaborate murals. With smiles as contagious as the sun in the morning, children greet us with waves from the banks. Your captain may even point out a toddy shop, where patrons sipping palm wine from the area are shaded by a cool thatched roof.


    A Gastronomic Journey Is Awaiting

    Your breakfast will soon begin with the smells of spices. A visual and tactile feast awaits you with freshly made filter coffee, sambar-dipped idlis, and crispy dosas served on a banana leaf. You will experience a feeling of unity with the country and its people as you savor the genuine flavors of Kerala.


    Examining Undiscovered Treasures

    You go through the day at your own speed. A local market may be your destination; it’s a kaleidoscope of hues and sounds. The vendors are displaying an abundance of colorful mangoes, plump bananas, jewel-toned spices, and fresh food. Navigate the busy crowd while grabbing a few mementos, such as elegant silk scarves or handcrafted wooden elephants.


    A Calm Interlude

    Your captain, Krishnan, may navigate the houseboat toward a small canal that ends in a lush forest canopy. Deeper you glide, the air gets noticeably cooler. Abruptly, the canal widens into a calm lake that is home to an abundance of birds. Perched atop lily pads, egrets display their white feathers, sparkling in the sunlight. A multitude of vibrant kingfishers dart from one branch to another, their melodies resonating through the silence.


    An Overview of Local Life

    You might dock at a little village in the afternoon. As soon as you go onto the bank, you see a group of women skillfully weaving coconut coir—their deft fingers turning the rough fibers into strong rope. Perhaps a small youngster, his eyes glistening with interest, will offer to be your guide. He’ll take you through the village, past the busy temple and over the dusty field where some kids are playing cricket. You will feel the friendliness of the Keralan people, whether it’s over a cup of chai with a local family or a grin that speaks louder than words.


    Dusk on the Eastern Venice

    You head back to the houseboat as the day comes to an end. A stunning display of color paints the lake as the sky flares with a bright orange glow. Lulled by the boat’s soft swaying and the sound of crickets returning for their evening chorus, take a seat on the deck. One by one, the stars appear, resembling diamonds strewn across a dark velvet background.


    The backwaters of Kerala are a location where nature rules supreme, time slows down, and all troubles are washed away by the peaceful flow of existence. Not able to visit there in person at this time? Relax! A virtual Venice of East Kerala tour will transport you to the grandeur of the backwaters. It can even give you the idea to organize your own unique trip to the Venice of the East.

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