8 Popular Jewelry Trends in 2019

    Jewelry expresses who we are and where we came from. This makes jewelry trends vital for understanding human culture, and the interesting thing about them is how quickly they can completely change.

    For quite some time now, the trend for jewelry has been dainty and plain pieces for everyday wear. But it looks like things are changing once again in 2019. From New York to London, to Paris, to Milan, the runways have been lit up with colorful and bold statement pieces that make it obvious where the trends are heading this year.


    Hoops are making a big comeback this year. Generally, hoops have a timeless quality about them and never really go out of style, but the new trend for 2019 will be their thickness. Whether the hoops are big or small, the girth and diameter of the hoops are going to be wide and hefty if the runways are any indicator of where this trend is heading and what you’ll be seeing in jewelry stores in Kansas City this year.


    Enamel allows for more expression in classic and timeless jewelry designs. The enamel trend started in the fall of 2018 and hasn’t lost any of its momentum thus far. From bracelets to earrings and necklaces to rings, the enamel trend is allowing for some incredibly unique silhouettes and great color combinations.

    Chain Links

    Chains have made a huge impact this year from large thick links to small skinny ones. Whether it be chokers, long necklaces, bracelets, or even chain linked earrings, the linked-in look is on fire right now and will continue to cause a buzz throughout the year.


    The coin look is back again with lots of different and eclectic pieces adorning runway models all over the world. Creating jewelry pieces out of coins has been a very trendy look for several years but the trend died down a little in recent years. In 2019, however, it is back again in full force. Necklaces with a line of coins down the centerpiece, bracelets with coins from all over the world as charms, even earrings with coins within coins have made a big splash this year and can safely be considered to be a major trend that will continue.

    Charm Bracelets

    We all had them as children, and now they are back as a fashion statement for adults. Charm bracelets are a classic that will keep coming back over and over again and for good reason. They are simple, beautiful, expressive, unique, and can really make a statement. Whether it be nature, justice, or just pretty flowers, a charm bracelet can be a fashionista’s best friend, and in 2019, charm bracelets are going to be making friends everywhere. The options are endless for these bracelets, and big-name designers have already thrown their charm bracelet contenders into the ring for consideration.

    Celestial Jewelry

    As climate change becomes one of the biggest issues facing the planet, going back to nature seems only right in 2019. Celestial jewelry representing the stars and the universe as a whole is back and in a big way. From long beautiful chain necklaces with a crescent moon at the end, to the jeweled hoop earrings with deep celestial colors reminiscent of the night sky, these beautiful pieces are making a big name for themselves this year.

    Garden Party

    Speaking of nature, flowers are back. The models of the 2019 runways were adorned with petals, flowers and roses of all shapes and sizes. From small understated flower pendants to large wild earrings with full-on mini-gardens, the natural beauty and the allure of the garden party is strong in 2019 and is definitely not going anywhere.

    Body Jewelry

    When people think of jewelry, they usually think of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. But there is a lot more out there for other parts of the body, and those pieces are coming back strong in 2019. From beautiful body chains to sexy and sleek ankle bracelets, and even belts made from precious metals and stones, 2019 jewelry is definitely ready to adorn parts of the body that were neglected last year.

    Drop Earrings

    Earrings that fall down to the shoulder have hit the center stage in 2019. Beautiful studs with long chains connected to unique and gorgeous jewelry pieces are going to be big in 2019. From beads to resins to precious stones, these new drop earrings have changed the game for earring lovers.

    2019 is shaping up to be an incredible year for jewelry in fashion. With so many people ready to express themselves through jewelry, it’s no wonder that it is turning into a year of such eclectic, colorful, and expressive pieces. If the runways are any indication of where we are headed, which they always are, it’s going to be an important year for jewelry.


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