7 Tips to Prepare Yourself for an Eco-Friendly Summer

    Summer is the best time of the year. Schools are closed, the weather is beautiful, and going out is fun. A lot of families plan summer activities together. Everyone waits for the summer season so that they can enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. Thus, it would be a good time to take you through some tips that will help you in spending an eco-friendly summer. 

    Cut on the energy usage

    The weather in summer is warm. Open your house’s windows and doors during the day so that fresh air can enter the rooms. Remove the blinds to let in natural light instead of using electricity. Use the thermostat optimally so that there is no energy wastage. At night the weather tends to be cooler during summer. You can again keep the windows open to let the cool air inside your house. In this way, you can regulate the usage of electrical appliances. 

    Eco-friendly eating habits

    Food product’s predation, transportation, and storage need a lot of energy. The food demand is increasing day-by-day; hence the energy requirement is shooting up. During summer months a lot of food products like figs, fruits, beans, etc. are cultivated that are eco-friendly food options. These food items have less impact on the environment and are good for health. You should switch your food consumption to these eco-friendly food products. If you are a coffee lover, then you should use Nespresso coffee pods for making coffee. The pods are simple to recycle and produce zero food waste. 

    Reduce food wastage

    A lot of activities happen in the summer months. Even though there is food made at home, it’s seldom that it is being consumed. This leads to food wastage. Food waste harms the environment as it either goes to landfill and the energy used in growing the food is wasted. Thus, you must reduce food wastage so that the carbon footprint of your household is reduced. You should buy food items in limited quantities and wisely reuse the leftovers. Try creating minimal wastage as much as you can.   

     Shop wisely

    Stores stack up new clothes during summer months as days are longer. These beautiful clothes being showcased at a shop entice you into buying them. The fashion industry is considered to be one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Thus, instead of buying new clothes, organize the ones you have and pick out the neglected ones to wear. Also, try to donate the clothes that you no longer want to wear instead of throwing them.  

    Go local

    The easiest thing you can do to contribute to the environment is by supporting your city’s local interests. Buy food items and other shopping items from local stores in your city. By doing this you will not only be promoting local business but also protecting the environment. The carbon footprint is reduced significantly and the local economy is boosted. Anything produced locally has far less environmental impact than the one shipped from across the globe. 

    Use eco-friendly means of transportation

    If you are taking your vehicle out in the city, make sure that it is serviced properly so that the emissions are in control. You can also take public transport if you are traveling to a close-by destination. During evenings, when the weather is a bit cool, cycle to the venue you are going to. When traveling for a vacation, take a train instead of a flight. These small changes will contribute a lot to reducing greenhouse gases in the environment. Be wise in choosing transportation. 


    Waste reduction starts at home. Recycling is a great choice to make your household an example of sustainable living. Segregating wet and dry waste is the first step in contributing to waste reduction. You can also set up a compost in your garden or house to recycle biodegradable waste. Reduce the usage of plastic in your house as it is tough to recycle. You can also create some showpiece items out of waste items in your garage. Doing this activity with your kids during summer break would be fun.

    These tips are meant to help you in contributing your bit towards saving the environment. Your wise decisions will make this Earth a good place to live for future generations to come. Thus, be smarter and make responsible choices.


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