7 Safety Tips for Concert and Event Attendees in 2020

    Attending a sports game or concert can be an electrifying experience, but the pandemic has put a damper on everything this year. If you’re still hoping to go to a concert or game in 2020, the good news is that there are ways to do so safely. With a few precautions, you can make sure that the pandemic doesn’t mess up your best-laid plans.

    Keep reading to learn 7 safety tips that will come in handy at the next concert or group event you attend!

    1. Bringing a Mask Is One of the Best Safety Tips

    Make sure that you bring a purse or small tote where you can stash a few sanitizing must-haves. The most important item to keep inside for event safety in 2020? A face mask.

    Whether disposable or cloth, face masks can help prevent the spread of viral droplets. Many scientific studies support the use of masks as a preventative measure, especially in groups of people. If everyone in attendance wears a mast, you can cut down on the risk of spread significantly.

    Check to see if the venue where you are planning to go requires a mask. If it doesn’t, ask yourself if you are able to tolerate that risk since some attendees may choose not to wear masks. At the very least, do your part by wearing one.

    2. Have Hand Sanitizer Ready

    Another important item to pack for the event? Hand sanitizer. While supplies were depleted a few months ago when everyone was buying them up, now it is pretty easy to find hand sanitizer at most grocery stores or pharmacies.

    While most places are supplying sanitized pumps that you can access as needed, don’t count on one being there when you need it. Any time you touch a door handle or other item that has been touched by others, reach for the sanitizer if you don’t have soap and water nearby.

    Purchase sanitizer that is 60% alcohol or more, and see how full your container is before you leave.

    3. Don’t Touch Anything

    This is easier said than done, but try your best to avoid touching any surfaces. Surfaces like door handles, water fountains, countertops, and railings are heavily-used areas that can be loaded with germs. Be cautious as you enter any new space and keep your hands at your side as much as possible.

    Another key tip? Don’t touch your face after you’ve touched any surfaces. Keep your hands away from your face unless you know that they are completely clean.

    You’ll increase the risk of virus transmission if you rub your eyes or scratch your face after opening a door — so just don’t do it. Reach for some hand sanitizer first, or better yet, wash your hands.

    4. Follow the Rules

    An important part of staying safe at sports games or concerts in 2020 is being a team player. Check to see what the rules are at the event you’re attending, and do so the day before attending since rules can change quickly. If the people overseeing the venue have established extra guidelines beyond what you might be expecting, you’ll want to be prepared.

    There might only be one entrance that’s designated for use, for instance, so you’ll need to make sure you park your car in the appropriate lot. Or the venue might ban water bottles or other physical objects in an effort to cut down on shared surfaces, litter, and ultimately the risk for spread.

    5. Buy Tickets Online

    Avoiding physical contact can help reduce your risk, so buy concert tickets online. That way you won’t have to interact with someone at the box office — your tickets will be in hand already when you get there!

    When you buy tickets online, you usually can check out the seating options to find the best vantage point, and you might be able to get a sense of how different venues are spacing people apart. Look for any language that can give insights into what preventative measures the venue is taking.

    If nothing jumps out at you, give the stadium or concert hall a call so you know what to expect before making the purchase.

    6. Stay Six Feet Away

    Social distancing guidelines suggest staying six feet away from people outside your household. This isn’t too hard to do in some situations, but if you’re in a packed concert hall or stadium, social distancing can be tricky.

    Take the time to find out how the stadium you’re planning on visiting is setting up its seating arrangements to promote social distancing. Have they blocked off seats to encourage more space? Are they holding the event outdoors?

    7. Go Outside

    The ideal situation for attending a large event in 2020 is doing so outside. When an event is outside, there are more opportunities for fresh air. With indoor events, the risk lies in being stuck around lots of people with stagnant air all around you.

    Look for events that are outdoors if possible. You’ll get the benefits of increased airflow and more opportunities to distance yourself from other people. For indoor events, make sure that you are aware of where the exits are located so you can catch some fresh air from time to time.

    Get Out There

    While 2020 hasn’t been the best year for concerts, games, or other group experiences, many venues are ramping things back up with some safety measures in place.

    Following a few safety tips can go a long way to keeping you secure and comfortable at your next large event. Just stay aware of your surroundings, wear your mask, and grab your hand sanitizer before you head out the door.

    When you’re ready to find fresh tips to improve your lifestyle, check back for more informative articles!


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