6 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Into Your New House

    You’ve gone through the whole epic of looking for a new residence and the time is ripe to move on. However, you still have to go through yet another daunting set of challenges: packing and moving!

    So, in order for you and your family not to have a difficult transition, it is time to know a few of the things you should do before moving into your new home.

    1. Plan ahead

    The act of moving requires good and detailed planning since you will have to deal with a few new sets of responsibilities. Ideally, take a few days off at work to enable you to get ready to make the change before the appointed day.

    You should also consider other aspects related to this activity, such as how many days it would take to move, the need to hire a company, contact with the new and the former trustee, among other things.

    Moreover, consider that when leaving your current home, some repairs may have to be done, before finally handing over the keys.

    1. Prepare the new house

    Before you move, some adjustments may be necessary. For instance, if there is an overhaul to be done, it is best to do this while the place is still empty, to avoid unnecessary movement of workers when the family is already settled.

    Don’t forget to check and fix any problems with electrical installations and plumbing. Check out the due dates for energy, telephone and internet facilities to make sure you have all the comfort after moving in. After all, you do not want to have to take a cold shower for the first few days.

    In case you are yet to have enough finances for your new home, you may have to look for financing options like residential bridge loan for down payment. For short term financing, you can go for hard money lenders. If you are from Los Angeles, you can choose from Los Angeles hard money lenders.

    1. Throw away what you no longer use

    Moving to a new home is a unique opportunity to gauge what items are really useful.

    A very pertinent organizing tip when making a move is to discard household items that you and your family no longer find useful. It is common to accumulate unnecessary items over time. Moving to your dream home is the perfect time to leave all these behind.

    Do not be afraid to throw what is broken in the trash. Consider making a bazaar, which may provide some cash to cover some moving expenses.

    1. Prepare for the first few days

    Moving to a new home is an adventure that can soon lose all the fun when the first few days aren’t turning out as planned. Imagine waking up on the first day to discover that you didn’t come along or can’t find your bath towel or insecticide, for instance.

    As such, it’s a fine idea to separate some personal survival items so you do not have to go hunting for stuff in a universe of boxes and packages.

    1. Hire a moving company

    Some people like to pack their household items and catalog everything according to their personality. However, the ideal, for most, is to opt for hiring a moving company that will take responsibility for packaging and transporting all items.

    There are several suppliers of this type of service in the market. To choose the best, you should research references and analyze the services provided by the company, such as disassembly of furniture, packaging of items, transportation, among others.

    1. Keep an eye on expenses

    Like any activity, a move can generate a number of unanticipated costs. With this in mind, keep an eye on and plan each activity according to a budget so you do not end up overspending.

    If it is necessary to paint your previous or new residence, for example, do market research to find the best available deals. This way, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank while settling into your dream house.


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