6 Surprising Gift Ideas For a Fantasy Fan


    Due to the constant popularity of diversified fantasy franchises, the merchandise market is saturated with unique creations that every fan can enjoy. With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be looking for a perfect gift for your die-hard fantasy fan friend. But you probably don’t want to just get them “any” gift – after all, the more surprising it is, the more joy and excitement it can bring.

    If you’re feeling a little bit confused by all the options available, we’ve got you covered! From jewelry and other fashion pieces inspired by fictional characters, house decorations, collectible figurines to even sex toys, there are plenty of ideas that we’re willing to share with you. Special occasions call for celebration, so making it special with a surprising and creative gift seems like an obvious choice. Check out these amazing gift ideas that we’ve found to make life easier for you.

    Fantasy-Inspired Sex Toys 

    While this might not be considered a “proper” gift (and we don’t recommend giving it as such), sex toys inspired by popular characters are worth considering if you’re looking for something really unique and know your friend well enough that you feel confident in surprising them with this kind of gift.

    From vibrators inspired by various naughty bits of famous female protagonists to even dildos based on phallic designs and a fantasy elf sex doll, plenty of options are available for anyone willing to experiment with fantasy-themed toys. 

    You can also find roleplaying costumes – after all, who says you should limit fantasies to just watching movies or reading books? Smaller sex toys like cock rings can be a great addition to foreplays – make sure to check how to use a cock ring and what it can do for improving one’s sex life – and they also come in a variety of designs! As long as everyone involved is willing to explore their deepest desires and fantasies, there’s no harm in trying something new! 

    Hama Beads

    If your friend is also a fan of arts and crafts besides being a fantasy geek, they’ll appreciate this gift! It’s a creative way to express your love for favorite game or TV series by crafting your house character out of colorful beads. The beads are very easy to use: just stick them together in the way you want, create your design, iron them at high temperature through a piece of parchment paper, and it’s done! The only thing left is to find a perfect place to display the unique creation.

    Fantasy Inspired Jewelry

    Jewelry is a classic gift that everyone can appreciate. However, you can make it even more special by choosing jewelry inspired by a fantasy character or series. It’s a great way to show your affection and appreciation for someone, especially if they share your passion for fantasy. Some of the most popular options include necklaces inspired by The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones characters

    If those don’t quite match your friend’s fashion style, you can always opt for a more dainty necklace with a simple design. The key is to find something that fits their style! 

    Fashion Accessories

    Accessories are one of the easiest ways to add a touch of fantasy flair to your look. Practically any fashion accessory can be repurposed as an item inspired by a fictional character. For instance, you can easily find a trendy hoodie with a dragon wing design, a ring with a crest from a specific house, or even a whole costume inspired by one character. If you’re lucky enough to know your friend’s shoe size, you can even get them a pair of boots that look like they came straight from Middle-earth

    Fantasy Decorations and Other Houseware Items

    If you want to surprise someone with a truly unique gift, why not help decorate their home with items inspired by their favorite fantasy series? You can start with something as simple as nerdy cases for their smartphone and laptop, but you can also go all out and choose some decorations for their office and bedroom as well. 

    If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even create your unique decorations and give them as gifts! For instance, you could paint and frame your friend’s favorite character or design your own set of special coasters. There are plenty of fantasy-themed decorative items that can help you make their home look cozier than ever before. 

    Collectible Figurines

    If you want to get something truly special for someone’s collection, it’s hard to go wrong with collectible figurines inspired by characters from famous franchises. If you have no idea which figurines are currently trending among the fandom, don’t worry – there are plenty of online resources that can help you find exactly what you need without any trouble. 

    From Funko Pop figures to other life-sized collectible figurines, plenty of options are available for fans of all ages. Some figurines are designed specifically for adults, while others are intended for kids. There are also many other collectible items that are sure to please every fantasy fan out there – including jewelry boxes, glassware, plushies, and much more! 


    The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to choosing a gift for a fantasy fan. However, we hope that our suggestions will make your shopping experience much more manageable and help you find the perfect gift in no time. It’s not always easy to find something truly unique and special, but with these ideas, you should have no problem walking away with a winner!


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