5 Things To Do When You Lose Your Phone

    Let’s face it, cell phones are more than just a means of communication these days and when you lose your phone it becomes a problem. You access your bank accounts, transfer money and even make purchases using your phone. Although most people won’t let their cell phone out of their site, there are moments when even the most responsible owner will accidentally leave it somewhere. The panic that rushes over someone who loses their phone is almost unbearable. There are five important things you need to do when you lose your phone.

    1. Text or Call Your Phone

    Borrow someone else’s phone that is nearby and text or call your phone. If someone responds they most-likely innocently found your phone and would like to return it to you.

    2. Retrace Your Steps

    Quickly think back to the last time you used your phone. Go to the location and search the area. If it was a public place ask the staff of the facility if anyone has returned a cell phone. Describe your phone in detail so they have a clear idea of what it looks like.

    3. Remotely Lock Your Device 

    Most cell phones have mobile security features that allow you to lock your device remotely to prevent anyone from accessing your personal data.

    4. Locate Your Cell Phone

    Since you have already traced your steps, called and texted your phone and there was no answer, you will want to try to locate your phone using a mobile app that uses GPS to track down your phone. Popular apps include Find My iPhone by Apple, Lost Android and Find My Android Phone.

    5. Contact Your Provider

    When you are sure there is no hope left, contact your network provider to report your phone lost. This is an important step to prevent unauthorized charges and usage of your phone. If you don’t have the remote apps already installed in your phone, contacting your network provider should be your next option after step two.

    Once you speak to your carrier, inquire about insurance, replacement and contract policies that would affect this situation. Remember to remain as calm as possible during this ordeal so that you can think clearly and react quickly. Always change your passwords to your bank accounts and social profiles. The faster you locate your phone the better. But when you are out of options, you always need to alert your network provider and follow their instructions to either recover your lost phone or to get a replacement.


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