Get to Know Reekita Gala, VR and AR Pioneer

    The world of tech has long been assumed to be a man’s world, but if you look closely, women are totally killing it in the highest echelons of this industry. In a world which is often seen as a Boys’ Club, it’s always refreshing to see a woman who has made a serious mark in tech advancements. That’s precisely why we’re so happy to hear about women like Reekita Gala—one of the biggest names in the field of virtual and augmented reality.

    Who Is Reekita Gala?

    If you aren’t quite involved in the world of virtual reality or augmented reality, you might not have heard of Reekita Gala quite yet. However, that’s going to change. She’s one of the biggest names in VR and AR thanks to her wild business success.

    Reekita Gala is one of the very first women to create a marketing, sales, and business consulting company that’s geared towards implementing virtual reality and augmented reality in just about every industry out there. By educating people about the many uses of VR and AR, Gala has been able to help people stay ahead of the business curve and create a brand new way of doing business.

    As a trailblazer in the world of virtual reality, Reekita’s got her work cut out for her.

    There are a multitude of people who aim to improve the technology that makes VR and AR possible. Technological advancements are happening at a breakneck speed, but the fact is that there aren’t many companies that focus on how to use the tech that’s currently being created.

    Reekita’s approach to consulting actually harnesses the power of tech to help show clients how VR and AR can work for them. By offering up e-courses, personal training sessions, and mentoring programs to company owners, Reekita has been able to help people maximize their profits.

    The coolest thing about Reekita’s work is the way she turns virtual reality into a tool that works with any industry and any task. She helped create augmented reality setups that make training new staff easier, as well as virtual reality setups that help market products ranging from real estate to manufacturing concepts.

    She’s showing how VR can change the world of medicine, too.

    Though Reekita’s business has been linked to business, marketing, and consulting through VR, she hasn’t stopped there. Recently, Reekita Gala has been working to help spread virtual reality and augmented reality technology in the medical field.

    Virtual reality has been shown to carry serious potential when it comes to medical testing, surgical procedures, and medical student instruction. Virtual reality tech implementation could potentially lead to streamlined medical care as well as better education for medical school students.

    Of course, her quest to help enhance medicine through VR and AR isn’t something she can do on her own. That’s why the tech influencer has started to reach out to fellow thought leaders in the VR/AR fields to band together and create tech that could potentially safe millions of lives.

    And, she’s showing ladies you can have it all.

    Perhaps the most inspirational thing about Reekita isn’t the fact that she’s helping advance medicine, or the fact that she’s one of the most successful CEOs in the virtual reality marketing field. It’s the fact that she’s managed to take on a male-dominated industry and won.

    She’s a wife, a mother, and one of the biggest influencers in the VR tech field. If that isn’t the definition of girl power, we don’t know what is. We can’t wait to see what this maverick has in store for us next!

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