5 Ways to CYA in the Car

    cdc-chart Driving is consistently one of the most dangerous things we do in our daily lives. Check out the chart to the right, straight from the CDC. Automobiles take up a huge chunk of that chart. Everyone’s afraid of flying — but most people don’t blink as they get into a 3,000 ton death machine. Most of us do it every single day, so an excess of fear surrounding a daily occurrence would be a little annoying. Even so — we should never forget we’re in danger when we’re on the road. There are a few items and things you can buy to protect yourselves on the road — or, if not protect, at least Cover Your Ass.

    1. Dashboard Camera for Your Car

    $60 to protect an investment as big as your car? Yes, please and thanks. Dashboard cameras are great because in the event of an accident, you may be relieved of any blame. Your insurance company sure will love that you have a video recording of an incident! Just grab a high-speed Micro SD card, and you’re good to go. And hey — if you catch some cool clips, you might be able to make some money on YouTube!

    2. Jump Starter

    If you drive in a heavily-trafficked area, where other people are always around, you can probably get by with just getting jumper cables instead. But if you frequently drive long, lonely stretches of highway… the jump starter here can save you hours — or even your life if you’re stuck somewhere like the Mojave.

    3. Fix a Flat

    You need this stuff. If you ever catch a leak or even a busted tire, Fix a Flat can get you going again — at least until the next gas station or tire place. While Fix a Flat is typically not meant for long-term repairs, it can get you out of some serious binds, too.

    4. Roadside Emergency Kit

    Instead of making a list and painstakingly gathering all the items yourself, you can buy a neat road kit bundle. They usually come with super useful items such as a space blanket, first aid kit, flares, road markers — and much more. The one we’ve chosen to feature is by AAA and boasts a whopping 76 pieces in the set.

    5. OBD2 Scanner


    You know your car is a computer, right? The funny thing is, unfortunately — you need a special type of reader to get the information out of your car. While an OBD2 scanner isn’t a “fix it all” box, it can definitely help you figure out when you need to take your car to a specialist. It can help you troubleshoot some basic information — and it can also help you get some data out of your car. OBD2 scanners — along with an app like Torque Pro — are a must-have for anyone on the road.


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