5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Destination Wedding Dress

    Destination weddings are all the rage now. If you’ve decided to have one, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime! However, you might want to slow down and consider the tasks in front of you. As fun as it might sound, a destination wedding does take quite a bit off work to pull off smoothly.

    Among the most important factors for any wedding is the dress. When you’re having a destination wedding, you need to make sure the dress is just right along with being convenient for travel.

    Not sure how to go about finding the right bridal dress?

    Take a look at the tips below!

    1. Consider The Location

    The location you’ve chosen for your wedding should be a major influencing factor on your final wedding gown. For instance, if you’re going to a beautiful tropical island and getting married during the day, go for embroidery, ruffles, pleats, and lace. These details will be noticeable when it’s bright and colorful outside. However, if you’re going to a highly glamorous resort and have the event at night or indoors, a simple cut with crystal and metallic embellishments will be much more magical.

    Besides, keep in mind the terrain you’ll be walking on while wearing the dress. A functional one is always preferable since anything too billowy may probably make it tough to carry the wedding dress with confidence.

    1. Decide The Size Of The Wedding Dress

    Having a long train on your wedding gown might not be a great idea at a destination wedding. It would just be a nuisance if your wedding is set up on the beachfront. Plus, you’d probably just feel ridiculous in such a getup on that location, along with unwanted sweating and possible sea animals crawling inside.

    Leave all that fuss behind and go for a short dress or the one that you can easily manage. A cocktail dress website might have all you need for such an option.

    1. Choose The Perfect Material

    If your destination wedding is in the tropics, go for an all-natural material that will not give you rashes or itching. However, you also want to steer clear of any fabric that’s prone to wrinkling, including silk. Hence, go for some gauze chiffons or even organza, which weigh lightly on your body. These will hence be easier to manage than silk, satin, or similar combinations.

    1. Consider The Travel Costs

    The traveling cost for your wedding dress could be a whole other consideration in your budget. If your dress is super-expensive and delicate, you might even want to get it a separate seat on the flight! This might seem drastically unnecessary, but it all depends on how perfect you need your dress to be.

    To avoid such costs, you might want to ask your bridal salon to ship the dress to the intended location. There may also be an on-flight closet available, so be sure to check ahead. A wedding dress isn’t usually meant for traveling, so focus on this issue before you place your order. If this requires extra money, asking the loved ones for some cash as your wedding gift makes a lot of sense. When in doubt, you can get help from honeymoon registry websites such as Honeyfund because Honeyfund discusses the best ways to ask for cash as a wedding gift.

    1. Focus On The Cleaning Issue

    When you’re deciding on the final wedding gown, keep in mind the cleaning cost. If you’re getting some in 100% silk, a proper cleaning can cost an arm and leg. However, if you go for a floaty dress in polyester and cotton, you can even salvage it from a dip in the sea for an after-wedding shoot. In either case, you should weigh the pros and cons of having your dress be less fancy than usual or paying a fortune for the cleaning afterward.


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