The Ultimate Guide To Luxury Villa Rentals In Malta

    The word “villa” is a Roman term that was used to describe the luxurious holiday homes of the nobility during the Roman Empire. These villas were sprawling estates that were utilized as retreats, and as such they were designed in an elaborate style with elegant gardens, fountains, vineyards, stunning landscapes and pools.

    Modern day villas aren’t too far removed from the original idea as they usually come with similar trappings. They’re often referred to as vacation rentals or holiday homes because unlike a hotel they provide a very private and intimate experience.

    How to secure a booking

    In previous years you’d have to follow a manual process in order to book a villa. This involved contacting the villa owner, manager or concierge, enquiring about availability, rates and terms and conditions. Nowadays, villas can be booked online through websites like Airbnb following a very convenient and straightforward process. In fact, the whole process can literally take minutes because it’s done on an app in your phone.

    Meanwhile, the villa manager will help to coordinate other aspects of your stay from car rental to yacht hire and tour bookings.  

    Another great thing about booking villas today is that you have access to online reviews that you can use to find out what it’s like to stay at the villa. Look out for any red flags like lack of communication or unprofessionalism of any kind.

    How to find the perfect villa in Malta

    The key to finding great luxury villas in Malta is to conduct thorough research. Take your time and look around at all the available options before you make a choice. We understand that it can be hard to pick from all the available options because there’s just so much to choose from.

    To help narrow down your options, consider your budget, the location (beach, countryside) and who you’re travelling with. Let’s take a closer look at each of these fine points to give you a better idea of what we’re talking about.

    • Location:

    Think about the type of vacation you’d like to enjoy and the activities that you prefer. For instance, if you’re into culture, food and architecture, then you should book a villa in the inland countryside of Malta so that you’re closer to the museums and monoliths. Some of the towns that fit this description include Sliema, Mdina and Valetta.

    On the other hand, nature lovers should look into a seaside villa in a location like St. Julians, Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga. But, if you’re looking for a quiet getaway with your family, then we recommend booking a villa in places like Qawra, Msida, Gozo and Marsalforn.

    • Your companion/s:

    Unless you’re travelling alone, then you should consider the needs of your travelling companions as well. For example, if you’re travelling with kids then you’ll want a villa with features that will make their stay more enjoyable. There should be on-site staff accommodation for your au-pair or babysitter, a swimming pool and a generously sized outdoor area for them to play in.

    A group of friends travelling together will have different requirements. In this case, you may want multiple en-suite bedrooms, outdoor entertainment areas and open plan living spaces.

    • Time of year:

    Malta is very popular among tourists over the summer months from May to September. But, if you prefer to travel in the off-season when there are fewer crowds then you should visit during the month of October before the winter sets in.

    • Design style:  

    You should also consider the design style of the villa before you book it. This will really help to clarify your options because style is a very personal thing. Perhaps contemporary style with clean lines is what speaks to your heart, or maybe you prefer traditional or baroque architecture. There are plenty of villa styles to choose from in Malta and you’ll definitely find one that resonates with you aesthetically.  


    A luxury villa is the ultimate escape. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your vacation destination in the lap of luxury with ultimate privacy.

    Renting a villa is also considered cheaper than booking a hotel when you’re travelling as a family or a group of friends. That’s because you can fit a larger group of people into a villa and you only pay once, whereas you’d have to book multiple rooms if you were staying at a hotel.

    Nevertheless, we hope our little guide will help to get you a step closer to finding that perfect villa for your stay in Malta.


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