Top 5 Reasons Curly Haired Girls Hate Summer


    Top 5 Reasons Curly Haired Girls Hate Summer

    Summertime, Summertime…aka “the ultimate nightmare time of year for Curly Girls”.

    Unless you have naturally curly hair, you don’t know #thestruggle- but it’s real.  What others may find fun about Summer, makes us curly cues cringe.

    Getting ready for an active day out requires a lot of prep work that only Curly Girls understand.  There is no getting out of the shower and doing nothing with our locks. Air drying is simply not an option. There’s about 3 “Hair Steps” us curly fries need to follow before we could even consider walking out the door with a somewhat presentable coif.  You won’t ever see a Curly Girl out and about without at least one hair-tie on her wrist…because one random gust of wind can kill a perfectly good hair day.

    For those of you who just “get up and go out” in the summer, Curly Girls hate you!  Okay, well hate may be a strong word but… we do have a bit of disdain that is totally driven by jealousy.  Yes, we are admitting it. We’re green with envy.  Don’t you think we’d like to just run a brush through our hair and go?

    BTW, for your own sake, don’t ever ask a Curly Girl, “What do you mean you don’t own a hair brush?”

    #5.   Hats.


    We’d love to wear a cute hat at the beach.  Unfortunately, it’s not an option for us…that is, unless we keep that hat on alllllll day long, and never, ever take it off.

    #4.  Hanging by the Pool.


    Yes, we enjoy a lazy day poolside.  But, once our hair gets wet – that’s it- we’ve now committed ourselves to jump in every hour because there is no telling what our hair will look like once it dries.  It’s a total crap shoot.

    #3.   The Beach.


    For the same reason as mentioned above – except what others think of as a “cool breeze” on the beach is actually the equivalent to a “gale force wind” to a Curly Girl.

    #2.  Sun Showers.


    You know that short, random “Sun Shower” that cools everything down?  Yeah, we dread that.  A few sprinkles of rain can make our hair triple in size. If your going to rain, just pour! At least, we know it’s coming.

    #1.  Convertibles.


    When someone asks me if I want a ride in their convertible, my stock answer is, “I can’t.  I simply don’t have Convertible Hair“.

    Seriously, I can’t…from zero to 60, I turn into the Heat Miser.

    Luckily, over the past several years companies have recognized that not all hair is created equal and that Curly Girls need different types of cuts and hair products that help tame our manes.  It still doesn’t make us love summer any more, but at least it helps us keep our curls under control!


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