5 of the Most Famous Female Lawyers

    The law profession is filled with strong, smart, and powerful female icons. Here are the five most famous female lawyers in the world.

    As a woman in the field of law, you have it even more difficult than your average woman.

    Between performing menial tasks and proving you can soar above men in the male-dominated field, you can start to feel demotivated.

    To boost your mood and get you back out there, here are the 5 most famous female lawyers!

    5. Gloria Allred

    Coming in at number five is Gloria Allred. A long time symbol for the feminist movement, Allred has in the game for 40 years and her law firm has taken on the most women’s rights cases in the nation.

    While defending victims of social discrimination (race, sex, age, etc.), she holds the position of the president of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund.

    Between having won many awards and even having a Netflix documentary about her, Gloria Allred is definitely one of the most notable female lawyers to date.

    4. Elizabeth Warren

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know very well who Elizabeth Warren is.

    The Massachusetts-born senator was recently a promising front-runner for the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election season.

    She made the decision to suspend her campaign after taking heft losses on Super Tuesday. Aside from her presidential aspirations, Warren was been a U.S.Senator since 2013.

    A graduate from Rutgers Law School, Warren has taught at many universities and is one of the most influential icons in bankruptcy law.

    We can only wonder if she’ll run for President again in 2024.

    3. Michelle Obama

    Yes, that’s right. Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is a lawyer. Graduating from Harvard Law School in 1988, Obama decided to keep away from big, corporate law firms.

    Doing so allowed her to do more rewarding public service, including participation in medical, legal, and non-profit communities.

    Michelle Obama is nationally respected and is an icon for all women.

    2. Hillary Clinton

    Another former First Lady, Hillary Clinton graduated from Yale Law School, her being only one in her 27 member class.

    Similar to Michelle Obama, Clinton stayed away for the bigger law firms and ended up working for the Children’s Defense Fund.

    Her resume spanning from a U.S. Senator of 8 years to the 67th Secretary of State, Clinton is a force to be reckoned with.

    1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    And number one on our list is without a doubt, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    Known for a time as the second woman to ever serve on the United States Supreme Court, Ginsburg was a huge advocate for gender equality.

    A large part of her career was dedicated to the support of gender equality and women’s rights.

    With millions of fans, countless achievements, and even an Oscar-nominated documentary about her, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will forever be an inspirational icon.

    You may have to start small and create pay stubs or do some busy work, but one day, you could be the next RBG!

    Become One of the Famous Female Lawyers

    Hopefully, taking a quick glimpse into the careers of these famous female lawyers has given you the motivation boost you needed.

    Now it’s up to you to become one of the greats. It may be tough, but you can do anything.

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