Artists Can Be Medics: 7 Brilliant Tips for Taking Online Classes for Healthcare Students

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    Healthcare students are made up of all types of people, including artists and designers as well! As healthcare students begin to start their college courses, they have the option to choose between online classes and in-person classes.

    There are some benefits and cons to both, but taking online classes can be particularly beneficial for those who can’t make their way to a specific campus each week. 

    Taking classes online does come with its own challenges, however. Healthcare students can find lots of success through online learning if it’s done with a few tips in mind. To ensure you make the most out of your online courses and become a successful healthcare professional, you’ll want to continue reading below. 

    Here are a few tips for taking online classes as a healthcare student!

    1. Keep a Calendar 

    One obstacle that comes with taking online classes is that you don’t have a professor to tell you in person each day about what assignments are due.

    Because of this, it’s important to keep some form of a calendar to keep you on track. You can do this by placing all assignments for each course in a planner, or you can create a digital calendar if that’s more your style. 

    It’s essential that you learn which method works best for you. You can even consider enabling push notifications from the learning platform you use to send to your email or phone as a text message for a reminder. As long as you have each assignment and due date written down in an organized way, you’ll do great!

    2. Work in the Right Environment 

    When you take a course in-person, the environment is already set up for you. When you take online courses, you’ll need to ensure you work in the right environment. You’ll need to find a quiet place with no distractions to work in. 

    Finding or creating a healthy work environment might be different for each individual. For example, some people work better with background noise while others work best in complete silence. The right environment for you might be a quiet coffee shop, at a table in your home, or a work station in the mall. 

    Take your time trying to find the best place for you. It might take a bit of trial and error.

    3. Set Aside Enough Time

    On your course syllabus, there should be a list of assignments and how much time you can expect to take on each one. However, this isn’t always the case. Either way, you need to ensure you set aside enough time for your online work. 

    Online courses have the same amount of course work as in-person courses and sometimes they even have more. You’ll also need to participate frequently in healthcare classes online such as completing discussion boards or joining online class meetings.

    Take a look at your calendar and be sure you set aside enough time to complete your work before sitting down and starting.

    4. Create a Schedule for Yourself

    You won’t have a set schedule when taking online classes. In-person classes give you a schedule to follow. You have specific classes at specific times in specific buildings around campus. 

    With online classes, you’ll need to create your own schedule. Creating a schedule for yourself will help you stay on top of all your course work. Give yourself certain times and days out of the week where you know it’s time to remove all other distractions and get to work.

    5. Build Relationships With Your Professors

    When you don’t see your professors in-person every day, it can be difficult to build relationships with them. You still need to put in an effort to do so, however. Send an email at the beginning of the semester to each professor and introduce yourself. 

    Keep in contact with them because you never know when you might need help with something or have a question of some sort. 

    Having a good relationship with your professors is also beneficial when you need a letter of recommendation. Keep in mind that many professors offer office times where you can visit them in-person if that works better for you.

    6. Know That Online Courses Aren’t Easier

    You should keep in mind that online courses aren’t any easier than traditional in-person courses. Sometimes, students believe that they’ll get a free ride when taking a class online. Online courses are just as challenging as in-person classes are, though.

    You’ll need to put aside the same amount of time dedicated to classwork and homework. You’ll also need just as much motivation if not more because you have to stay on top of your work more often.

    7. Discover How You Learn Best and Actively Participate

    Everyone learns best at different times of the day. You might be an active learner during the morning, or you might work best during the evening hours. Whenever your brain is the most energized should be when you sit down to work.

    The great thing about online classes is that they give you the option of completing classwork at a time that works best for you. 

    Taking Online Classes Is Possible for Everyone, Even Healthcare Students!

    Taking online classes comes with many benefits and can be a great choice for anyone as long as these tips are taken into consideration. Be sure to have these tips in mind before starting your online courses, and you’ll be on the road to success!

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