5 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories

    Motorcycle riding gives quite a high for its users. After all, it gets a person from one point to
    another in a short period while providing good, clean fun.

    Beyond that, motorcycle riding provides several opportunities for people interaction and for
    communing with one’s surroundings. It gets your adrenaline pumping and gives you a sense of
    freedom while riding.

    However, for responsible motorcycle riding to commence, one needs the appropriate

    Being responsible is especially true and vital in ensuring that oneself and the bicycle have
    protection especially if a crash, slide, or fall is inevitable.

    One who thinks ahead and purchases the right accessories avoids thousands of dollars worth of
    repair costs.

    Check out these badass motorcycle helmets for a quick sneak peek to get you started and our
    suggestions for musthave accessories below.

    1. Eye Protection Accessories
    A helmet is an essential gear, and eye protection is a crucial accessory. After all, not all helmets
    come with visors.

    One needs to secure other eye protection accessories like sunglasses or goggles. These
    accessories protect motorcycle riders from catching various forms of debris such as dust and
    gravel fragments in their eyes.

    With the right eye protection accessories, one saves oneself from the trouble of experiencing
    itch, discomfort, and unnecessary blinking.

    The rain, sunlight glare, bugs, and wind also stand limited chances against you if you have eye

    Also, how can one ride a motorcycle properly if there are deterrents to having a clear vision at
    the end of the day?

    2. Knee Guards or Pants

    Knee guards or motorcycle parts are also vital accessories for motorcycle riders. The sad news
    is that most riders tend to forget these accessories.

    Advice from expert riders includes purchasing abrasionresistant, windproof, breathable, and
    waterproof riding pants.

    Wearing motorcycle pants also comes with securing the proper visibility (which means that one
    should equip knees with protective armor and that the pants must have reflective panels).

    3. Ear Protection Accessories

    Other than eye protection accessories, motorcycle riders must secure ear protection

    These accessories are essential because motorcycle riders experience several noises regularly.

    Note that how the helmet’s sound travels through engine noise, bumpy roads, and excessive
    wind may impair hearing in the long run.

    Just one ride may cause permanent hearing damage.

    Riders need to secure earplugs that easily fit under the helmet and ones they can easily insert
    and retrieve.

    These earplugs help lower decibel levels without annihilating other important sounds like sirens
    and horns.

    4. Motorcycle MultiToolkit

    While the ideal situation for riders is not to use any toolkit when riding a motorcycle, it is still a
    good idea to come prepared.

    Having a multitoolkit in the bike always comes in handy if one needs to render repairs on the

    Each basic motorcycle kit must have the following components, more or less: Tie wraps, cement
    putty, essential wrenches, electric tape, hex keys, pliers, and Tbars.

    The case for these tools must also fit snugly either under the motorcycle seat or on the luggage.

    5. Motorwear Accessories

    Not all motor gear is required, but it is only proper to consider accessories like gloves, boots,
    and jackets whenever needed.

    Even if some of these are expensive (like jackets), motorcycle riders can use them to
    reduce the
    impact of injuries
    For example, some riders have shared the experience of crashing but only having a few bruises
    due to having a protective jacket.

    Motorcycle boots also add protection by providing better traction on rougher surfaces. As they
    are oilresistant, designers kept in mind that the shoes must work well with pegs, shifters, and

    Beyond the list we gave, other functional accessories include motorcycle luggage, which is
    helpful for short or long trips. With a piece of motorcycle luggage, one enjoys dry and secure

    Some also invest in a sound communication system, which allows a rider to enjoy music or
    connect to one’s phone while on the go.

    Then, depending on one’s liking, other available gadgets for a motorcycle include fuel tanks,
    heated grips, tire inflators, disk locks, GPs mounts, and phone chargers.

    There are so many options so all of this depends on one’s budget, the kind of trips one usually
    takes, and what one deems crucial and supplementary to one’s main gear.

    Still, you’re good to go if you consider the listed five musthave accessories for your motorcycle.

    The choice is really up to you, but we hope that our guide has given you the needed

    Happy trails, and have
    fun on your motorcycle rides!

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