5 Tips For Winning in Call of Duty: Warzone

    Do you know what makes Call of Duty Warzone different from games? It is an entirely different game with additional twists and tricks that takes you on an altogether different gaming journey. It is challenging to fight against more than a hundred players and win. However, COD warzone cheats are always available to help you out. The cheats come with features that take your game to the next level, and you can configure them to match your preferences.

    Each time you play COD Warzone will give an entirely new experience that makes it more challenging. Even the experienced players are unable to mark a win in the game. So, here are the five tips for winning in the Call of Duty Warzone.

    Decide where to drop

    Knowing where to land is a critical step in Warzone. It has a vast map containing almost every battlefield market type, including tower blocks, supermarkets, bunkers, airfields, tundras, and many more. There are areas on the map on which you can play better while you have to struggle on some.

    So, consider the location of dropping on the map in Warzone. If you wish to drop within the circle, it is likely to have more players in the surrounding area. So, you will have to face challenges initially. If you decide to land outside the circle, you must watch the timer. Another thing to consider is the location on the plane ‘s flight path.

    If you are dropping and realize that the area you are heading towards is too hot, you should call an abort and pivot to a nearby location.

    Get optimum loadout

    You need cash for getting a loadout. Money is an incredible resource in Warzone that helps you buy back players killed in team games, purchase ammunition, UAV, amour packs, and loadouts. It is a mandate to complete a mission to get cash. One of the innovations in the COD Warzone is that it encourages players to take up missions and achieve them. Some of them include Bounty Hunter, Scavenger, and Recon.

    Loadouts hold a significant advantage in Warzone. It enables you to get your personalized custom weapons unavailable otherwise in the game.

    Loadout allows you to get your perks like Coldblooded, Ghost, and High Alert. These are game-changers in the Warzone’s later stages.

    Bring your team back

    Every player in the COD Warzone gets one chance to get back into the game through Gulag. It is a bit tricky that even the best players can’t win most of the time. Luckily, even failing in Gulag is not the end in Warzone if some of your teammates are alive. You have a chance to bring back your teammates for $4500 per piece.

    However, if you fall short of cash, you can try a Kingslayer mission. It enables you to be visible on the map for three minutes. If you can survive, you will receive a cash payout, and your teammates will back into the game for zero cost.

    Kill your enemies

    Focus on killing enemies right from the game’s start. You can do away with some rivals before you land while they are in the air in COD Warzone. You can cut the parachute for a while during your landing. Use your gun to kill the enemies before deploying the parachute again.

    You can purchase essential items like UAVs from BuyStations. UAV displays a map’s part and reveals the enemies close by. It also shows the orientation and position of the other 147 players if all three teammates use UAV simultaneously.

    Last the final circle

    The most intense challenge is to survive the final circle if you successfully reach there. Here, the fundamental rule is not to fire unless a need arises. You consider an enemy team a threat as soon as you see it and start firing. But they might be engaged with another team. You do not have to fight with every team at once if the circle is small.

    So, do not draw attention towards yourself. Instead, pick other threats, return, and kill the weak survivors. It will increase the probability of winning the COD Warzone.


    Every game of COD Warzone is critical and different. Each player and the team have the potential of winning the game. All you need to do is apply the optimal strategies at the right moment. The above five tips will strengthen your position in the game and help you win Call of Duty Warzone.


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