5 Hot Jewelery Trends

    Accessorizing an outfit can bring it to life and portray a particular image. A plain white shirt can transform with colorful chunky jewelry taking it from an office look to the chic out-on-the-town style. Check out the five latest jewelry trends to incorporate into your wardrobe.

    Color Explosion

    Colorful creations have made a comeback. Think chunky eighties block earrings or acrylic necklaces. The bold and bright colors accentuate any outfit. Florals mixed with colorful beads take center stage. Mix up some plain bracelets or necklaces, with a splash of semi-precious stones to liven up any attire. 

    The colors easily blend with silver or gold, so having semi-precious colored stones in a gold setting is perfect for an evening look.

    Bold & Chunky

    In past years jewelry went from bold to delicate, intricate designs. Now the chunky revolution is back, and it seems that an outfit is merely a backdrop for original accessories. Oversized chains with large loops are all the rage. Materials vary from faux ivory, glittering metals, and tortoiseshell pieces. 

    The bulky pieces can create havoc in your jewelry box, so invest in a custom jewelry pouch to keep the sets separated and undamaged. A mixture of shapes is typical for this type of design. You can have squares and circles on one earring, and each has a different color. 


    A form of acrylic resin, this material was widely used for jewelry in the forties and fifties. Lucite is especially popular with modern designers. Coming in virtually every hue, Lucite can also be transparent or solid. Dig through your grannies jewelry box as some of the older Lucite pieces are considered vintage, and are highly coveted as a fashion statement. 

    Scour the internet for individual designers that use acrylic as their material of choice. Resin art has also made a comeback, and small designers have beautiful, unique pieces that you won’t find anyone else wearing. 

    Natural Jewelry

    On the other side of the spectrum from resin-based jewelry, is the trend towards natural pieces. Pearls, shells, and even glass are used in designs seen on the runways. However, they aren’t meant to be worn as part of old fashioned themes, but more a pairing with modern styled clothing and slick hairstyles. 

    The mixing of textures creates a unique trend of classic and baroque. The designs range from delicate to larger-than-life type of sets so that you can match the perfect one to the shape of your face and hairstyle.

    How to incorporate jewelry pieces (Source: Pixabay)

    A Single Earring

    A completely different look for the season is a bold statement of wearing only one earring. The way to achieve this look is by going for a piece that makes a strong enough statement to stand on its own. Unique custom pieces that will turn heads and become the center of attention of your outfit are in. 

    Small delicate pieces are not going to achieve this look for you. You need to think more in terms of multilayers that hang almost down to the shoulder to get maximum impact. This hot trend seems to point towards gold and silver accents rather than the colorful ones mentioned above. 


    Making a fashion statement is not for the faint-hearted. Sometimes a bold look takes you out of your comfort zone. If you want to be the talk of the town, consider choosing one new trend to incorporate into your wardrobe, and perfect it using the advice given here. 


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