5 High-Class Gifts for Key Clients

    Clients are the cornerstone of any successful business, and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. They help you make key connections, important business deals, and next-level trades. Of course, it’s no secret that some clients are more strategically vital to your growth than others. That means that you have to show them how important they are to your strategy. 

    How best to do this, you ask? Gifts. Clients, just like other people, are easily swayed by gifts. Humans just like feeling special; it’s a fact of nature. So, as you ponder how you plan on thanking the key clients in your life, consider these five high-class gift options that are sure to please. 

    Golf Clubs

    Since medieval times, deals have been struck on the lawn. There’s nothing like the serene, rolling hills of the course, the bright blue sky, and the thrill of the game to inspire deals. So, when you are looking to thank key clients for a deal well struck, one great option is luxury golf clubs. These artful pieces of sportsmanship will be not only a token of gratitude and affection, they also suggest your desire to continue your alliance on and off the course.

    Naturally, you’re not restricted to golfing implements. You may as well throw in a tennis racket, polo clubs, or bocce balls if it suits you. The point is, by offering game items to your client, you show them that you are eager to play ball with them – a good-natured way of demonstrating trust.

    Custom Tech

    Now that the 21st century is fully underway, you better believe that tech is all the rage. And while tech may be an essential part of your business, it’s also a crucial part of leisure and entertainment. That means they can also be an awesome classy client gift. Think about it, what do clients love more than deals? That’s right, tech. So, what classy tech options are out there to gift? Survey these choices:

    • Custom Airpods, so your client can listen to your podcast in style
    • Shock-resistant phone cases, which are pretty much always useful to anyone
    • Webcam covers, which protect clients’ vital security interests as well as your own
    • Bluetooth speakers, ideal for listening to music

    Don’t be shy – remember that your key clients are integral to your business model and must be rewarded.

    Luxury Food Baskets

    If there’s one thing we know about clients, it’s that they’re some hungry champs. What better way to reward their hunger for successas well as their actual appetitesthan with luxury gift baskets featuring delicious foods. Some key items to include in any luxury food gift basket should be:

    • Charcuterie, which is a fancy French word for salami and hot dogs
    • A cheese board, which pairs well with the aforementioned charcuterie 
    • Caviar, for something a little fancy
    • Dark chocolate, to show your mysterious side
    • Gourmet coffee, which is sure to come in handy as you buckle down and get to business

    Tickets to the Horse Races

    Few things instill a sense of comradery in business partners like heading down to the tracks to see some noble steeds race at breakneck speeds. Whether you decide to engage in a little friendly wager, or simply just go to watch the joy of the sport, getting your new client tickets to the horse races is sure to be a hit. 

    Of course, if there’s not a horse racetrack in your town, or you’re simply not equine-inclined, a number of other options will do too. Car races are usually not a top choice, as they come with crass connotations, except for ones that happen in Italy or Monaco. But even inviting clients out toor simply purchasing them tickets fora baseball or football game can leave a great impression and is well worth it. Your partnership will benefit from the fond memories for years to come.

    The finest Champagne

    Lastly, if you’re really torn, you simply cannot go wrong with the classic bottle of Champagne. This delicious bubbly elixir is perfect for toasting a new and optimistic partnership, so be sure you only get the finest on the market for your new business deal. 

    Getting the right gift to show a new key client your dedication to your partnership may seem challenging, but with these excellent ideas in hand, you’ll be sure to leave an impression.


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