4 Conference Room Essentials For Your Next Client Conference

    Your top client is coming to town and wants to talk with you about a large project. Since you work at home, that means you need to arrange to a meeting space like a conference room. You’ll find that many providers of temporary office space can help you ensure the room has everything you need for that important meeting. Here are four examples of what needs to be included in the planning.

    A Smart Board

    Smart boards serve a number of purposes. Along with functioning as a white board you can use for quick diagrams and general brainstorming during the meeting, it can also serve as a screen for any type of video projection you have in mind. That comes in handy if there’s the need to go out to a website and check out a few things or conduct a video conference. You’ll find that the right team space will include a smart board as part of the standard amenities.

    Extra Pen and Paper

    Many people make notes on their tablets, phones, or laptops. Others prefer to use pen and paper. Anticipate that need and have plenty of legal pads and extra pens on hand. If someone prefers this method of note-taking but forgets to bring anything along, you’ll have them covered.

    If there’s time order pads and paper that are customized with your company name, logo, and contact information. When your guests return home, they will have one more reminder of who you are and how you can be reached.

    High-Quality Speakerphone

    Audio conference calls may become necessary during the course of your meeting. Make sure that the speakerphone found in the conference room is excellent quality. You want something that provides a clarity without having to turn the volume to the highest setting. That’s because higher volume increases the potential for sound problems even on point to point calls. If you have several locations connected to the call, high speakerphone volumes could make it almost impossible to hear everything clearly.

    Food Catering

    Given the nature of the project, most of the day will be spent in the conference room. One of the smartest things you can do is arrange for food to be catered. Light breakfast foods are a great beginning point. Arranging for salads and sandwiches to be set up buffet style on a sideboard will mean no one has to go hungry. Remember to keep an assortment of beverage on hand so your guests can help themselves while the meeting is in progress.

    Remember that your goal is to provide a setting where your client is comfortable and has everything necessary to accomplish the goals for the meeting. Anticipate needs and ensure that they are all addressed properly. If there is something out of the ordinary that you will require, arrange it with the provider in advance. You will find that the team at Agile Offices in Toronto can help you with just about any arrangements needed to make the setting perfect for your purposes.

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