3 Tips For Designing An eCommerce Website For 2020

    As the years go on, trends and principles for online marketing come and go. Because of this, it’s important that the work you’re doing on your own website is as current as possible in order to make your website relevant. 

    So if you’re planning to either start a new website or redesign your website this year, here are three tips you should keep in mind for putting together an eCommerce website in 2020. 

    Make It Accessible For Everyone

    In the last few years, inclusivity has been a very important part of our culture, and this includes being inclusive through your website as well.

    As part of this, Oliver Lindberg, a contributor to Shopify.com, recommends that you do whatever is necessary for your eCommerce website to be accessible to anyone, including those who might have difficulties using computers for one reason or another. 

    When thinking about this as you design your eCommerce website, be sure you make it easy for people who can’t see or hear to interact with your website. Additionally, if someone has a hard time with the fine motor skills that it takes to use Internet-accessing technology, consider what changes or modifications you could make so that using your website is easier for them. This could include things like leaving enough space between certain buttons and giving your website an overall more simplified look and feel. 

    Double-Check Every Detail

    With so many eCommerce websites out there, you want to do everything in your power not to give any consumers or potential customers a reason to choose your competitors over you.

    One thing that can be a big red flag for many consumers, according to Stephanie Burns, a contributor to Forbes.com, is a lack of attention to detail on a website. If not everything on your website runs as smoothly as your visitors expect, you might find yourself losing out on a lot of traffic or sales. So before you launch your newly designed eCommerce website, make sure you double-check every detail. 

    Embrace Whitespace

    In 2020, people don’t have a lot of patience for wading through a lot of content in order to get to where they want to be on your website. Because of this, Lars Lofgren, a contributor to QuickSprout.com, recommends that you try to minimize the text that you have on certain pages of your website.

    Especially on things like your homepage and certain landing pages, it’s wise to embrace more whitespace than to try to fill up every inch of space with text that tries to convince your visitor to convert. 

    If you’re designing or redesigning a website this year, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you have a modernized finished product.

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