5 Electric Smoker Accessories To Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking

    Looking for ways to take your electric smoker cooking to the next level? Consider using the right electric smoker accessories to make your outdoor cooking more professional!

    1. Grilling Tongs

    Any grilling chef knows that the right utensils make cooking more fun, and a lot safer. Working with an open fire can be dangerous, so why not protect yourself? The simplest electric smoker accessories are grilling tongs. 

    Grilling tongs make it easy to seize, flip, turn and handle your smoked meat safely. Long handles and stainless steel are two important features to look for when purchasing grilling tongs. After each use, wash your grilling tongs thoroughly and you’ll enjoy them for years to come!

    2. Electric Smoker Cover

    Protecting your electric smoker from the elements requires adequate storage. Keeping your electric smoker in your garage during the winter months, or leaving it uncovered in the rain for example, can cause damage to your smoker’s exterior and electrical components.

    Digital electric smokers often include an LED Display panel, as well as a controller for adjusting temperature or setting cooking modes. These electrical components can get damaged by rain, excessive heat, moisture or cold weather.  Be sure to cover your smoker even after storing it in a dry space such as a garage or garden shed.

    Electric smokers made of cast iron should also be covered and stored using a smoker cover. Smoker covers are made of heavy duty fabrics with a water-resistant layer to keep rain and moisture out. The smoker cover should fit snugly around your electric smoker.

    Looking for a quality smoker? Check out our review of the best electric smokers to find the right one for you.

    3. Electric Smoker Insulation Blanket

    Using an electric smoker during the colder months of the year (October – Feb) can be tricky. The cold weather forces your smoker to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. Even with a sealed door and double-wall insulation, the colder external temperature forces your smoker to use more energy (ie more fuel) to stay hot enough for smoking meat (200F and above).

    An electric smoker insulation blanket is designed to help seal in heat while cooking outdoors in cold weather. They are large enough to fit over the entire smoker and made of heavy duty insulation fabric, with flaps for ventilation. Sealed with velcro, the insulation blanket can be easily removed and stored for future use. 

    Watch the video to find out how to maintain your smoker fire consistently:


    4. Meat Thermometer Probes

    Many of today’s most current electric smoker brands and models include a meat thermometer probe for checking the internal meat temperature of your smoked dishes. 

    A meat thermometer helps ensure your food is ready to be served and reduces the risk of serving meat that is undercooked. It also prevents you from unnecessarily opening the smoker door, which allows valuable heat and smoke to escape during the smoking process.

    Meat thermometer probes are available with Wifi, Bluetooth capability and can be monitored remotely via a mobile app that you download for free with your purchase. They are highly heat resistant and can be inserted directly into the meat while it’s cooking. Ranging in price from $20 – $200, you can choose from a variety of quality brands like Weber and Char-Broil.

    5. Electric Smoker Sausage Hooks

    Whether you are curing sausages or simply need extra grilling space, sausage hooks are an affordable solution for curing and seasoning sausages properly. 

    Sausage hooks are extremely easy to use and can fit on just about any cooking rack They can be purchased in packages and can be attached or removed with ease when needed.

    Final Thoughts

    There are many ways to accessorize your electric smoker and many brands to choose from, but the 5 accessories listed above are a great place to start. As your smoking technique progresses, you’ll want to explore other tools to enhance your smoked dishes. 

    Do your research before choosing a product and use electric smoker accessories that will improve your cooking, cleaning and smoker maintenance. 


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