5 Alternative Ways of Boosting Your Energy Level and Feel More Energized

    Every person feels too drained to do their favorite activities sometimes. Fatigue is a significant problem faced by younger generations, and an entirely new branch of medicine is dedicated to handling its effects. Nearly 58% of young people under 35 report fatigue as the main hindrance to their work-life balance and work productivity.

    Handling fatigue with IV therapy

    Fatigue occurs because the body does not get enough energy as a result of metabolism issues or lack of a nutritious diet. It is possible to tackle energy loss and excess fatigue through IV therapy, which inserts vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. There are different IV treatments to address various needs, including energy boost, strengthening your body after an illness, and addressing vitamin deficiency.

    Drip Hydration, NaturoMedica, and MedSource Labs offer advanced IV therapy in Seattle. Their mobile services make it easy for you to book appointments at home, the office, or your hotel to get that much-needed energy boost in comfort and privacy. Business people, celebrities, and sportspeople who want a high dose of energy to stay active and fresh before the public frequently use IV therapies.

    Gadget free sleep and power nap

    Getting a full night’s sleep without spending time with gadgets will help you stay energized the next day. Nearly 86% of people under 25 spend their last hour before bed watching Netflix and browsing through their mobile. Sleep experts advise everyone to avoid gadgets at least an hour before sleeping compulsorily. Browsing constantly and falling asleep with the blue light affecting the eyes does not allow the brain to rest appropriately, and severely affects the body’s circadian rhythm.

    As a result, people wake up extremely tired and go to work tired, leading to many health issues, irritability, and fatigue-related mental issues. Several people report they have entirely forgotten how it feels fresh in the morning after getting a good night’s rest. Gadget-free sleep is the biggest energy booster, and short power naps in the afternoon also help boost your productivity enormously.

    Anger management

    Anger occurs because of stress and anxiety, which leaves us drained and fuming and unable to focus at work. Anger consumes our energy, and less energy makes us confused and weak, leading you to make mistakes more easily. Psychology experts say anger is the biggest energy consumer in our day and advises us to indulge in relaxing activities.

    A common practice is to take a deep breath, tell yourself you are angry, and observe your feelings. You can indulge in this practice in the morning and evening when you meditate, bringing to your mind the thing that angers you most. Write down why and how to solve it immediately and imagine the situation turning in your favor. Practicing this mental exercise daily helps you gain control when angry and handle the situation with poise.

    Check for magnesium deficiency

    Magnesium deficiency can cause immense fatigue, and taking the right supplements and food to compensate can boost energy levels. Doctors often test for magnesium deficiency and suggest diets that include seafood like halibut and lots of nuts. Start adding whole grains to your diet by making bread out of them or replacing all-purpose flour with whole-grain flour. Magnesium deficient people often report they do not have body pain or over tiredness but experience high fatigue. Add almonds, hazelnuts, and other healthy nuts to your cereals, or consume cashews whenever you want to snack.

    Monitor your weight and consume cashews as per your dietician’s advice for magnesium deficiency, as cashews can add weight drastically and make you feel full. Take the right supplements and medications prescribed to you and feel your body get automatically energized.

    Watch your sugar intake

    Control your sugar intake, as eating a sugar-filled dessert spikes your blood sugar levels, and leaves you drained later due to a decline in blood sugar. The process makes people crave more and more sugar, leading to diabetes and insulin problems if not controlled. Whenever you have a craving, try pairing spicy and sweet snacks together to cut down on sugar consumption. Half a chocolate and two almonds will help control the urge and satisfy your sweet tooth.

    Indulge in healthy eating habits steadily and take sugar-filled items only when necessary, replacing them with whole-grain items. Whole grain food like bread made of rye and wheat, oats, millets, barley, and corn will make you feel full and fight your sweet cravings better. Take sweets made of alternative sugars designed for diabetic patients to stay healthy and control sugar intake.

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